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Secretary: PJ & LG Kenney
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Branch member videos

  • Clare and Terry Gavin, Murchison, Nelson branch
    July 2014
    Claire and Terry Gavin have a specialty timber farm forestry property near Murchison. Species established include cypresses C ovensii and C macrocarpa; also poplar, and redwoods are grown on stoney…
  • Bevan Walker, Nelson branch
    July 2014
    Nelson Branch member Bevan Walker shows the house he built from local specialty timbers, his 50 hectares of pine and 20 hectares of other species where he is into his…
  • Brent and Caralyn Morrison, Rai Valley, Nelson branch
    July 2014
    Dairy farmers Brent and Caralyn Morrison on their 270 ha dairy farm which includes 50ha forestry and 40 ha native bush. Riparian zones and gullies fenced and planted; species include…

Tree Grower articles

  • Otira - award winning property (Access: unrestricted)
    November 2018
    The last part of the final field day of the 2018 conference was to Claire and Terry Gavin’s 53-hectare property Otira. Many of you will have read the article about…
  • Golden Downs forest Douglas-fir trial (Access: unrestricted)
    November 2018
    The following half dozen pages are the remaining the articles on the field days from the NZFFA Nelson conference earlier this year. The conference field days are very important, educational…
  • Appleton’s special arboretum Pig Valley (Access: unrestricted)
    August 2018
    The second field trip of the conference was to Appleton’s special arboretum strangely named Pig Valley – 150 hectares of trees and farmland. At the first stop overlooking part of…
  • Tunnel Creek - A high pruner’s paradise (Access: unrestricted)
    August 2018
    Our visit to Bevan Walker’s property was the first field visit of the 2018 conference. After a short circular walk through some redwoods to clear the lungs after the bus…
  • Husqvarna South Island Farm Foresters of the Year 2018 - Claire and Terry Gavin (Access: unrestricted)
    May 2018
    Claire and Terry Gavin’s 53-hectare forest farm Otiria is situated at Owen Junction, 23 km north of Murchison on flats alongside the mighty Buller River. The predominantly north-facing property lies…
  • Husqvarna South Island Farm Foresters of the Year 2016 - Bevan Walker and Nora Flight (Access: unrestricted)
    May 2016
    Hidden away in a little offshoot of the Wai-iti Valley about 30 km south west of Richmond is an arboreal gem which includes in its 71 hectares more than 40…
  • Tree identification expertise now based in Nelson (Access: unrestricted)
    Chris Ecroyd, February 2012
    Chris Ecroyd has recently moved to Richmond after 37 years working at the New Zealand Forest Research Institute (Scion) in Rotorua as a botanist specialising in tree identification, especially pines…
  • A profile of Tunnel Creek evergreens (Access: unrestricted)
    Bevan Walker, February 2012
    About 27 km south of Richmond is the Spooners Range, over which the main road goes to Christchurch. Under this is the old tunnel of the now defunct railway that…
  • Nelson farm forestry field day (Access: unrestricted)
    Roger May, February 2012
    On a beautiful spring morning about 15 members of Nelson farm forestry met at the Appleton family property at Motupiko, 45 minutes drive south of Nelson, to look at the…
  • Development of a forestry block overlooking the Motueka Valley (Access: unrestricted)
    Tracy and Belinda Palmer, February 2012
    We took possession of 45 hectares of land in July 2009. The property consists of approximately 22 hectares of pasture, 10 hectares of untended radiata pine which had been planted…
  • Tasman District overview (Access: unrestricted)
    Nelson branch, February 2012
    A glance at the Tasman District Council and Nelson City Council websites shows that Tasman District is a large area. It covers 9,786 square kilometres and is bounded to the…
  • The house of a hundred timbers (Access: unrestricted)
    Nora Flight, February 2011
    Walking through our house with Bevan is like walking through a three dimensional story book. I realised as I researched for this article that every piece of wood triggers a…
  • Trees beside the mighty Buller (Access: unrestricted)
    Vivienne McLean, February 2010
    Claire and Terry Gavin in front of a stand of poplar Eridano – the larger ones were planted in 2002 Terry and Claire Gavin might live and work in Nelson…

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