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The Farm Forestry library represents the accumulated knowledge and experience of NZ Farm Forestry Association members — practical, high performing farmers and rural landowners, with over 50 years of growing trees for profit (and pleasure) as an integral part of their long term commitment to sustainable land management.

In fact, we're proud to say Association members have been practising integrated land use strategies for decades, long before the concepts of "sustainability" and "environmental sustainability" achieved their current prominence.

Forests and trees provide many environmental benefits to society. These include improved water quality and reduced soil erosion, along with landscape, biodiversity and recreational values. Healthy forests in critical catchments reduce flood damage downstream and therefore reduce the cost to society from such events. By encouraging the use of timber and timber products, these wider environmental values are recognised. Today, trees have an even more vital role to play in offsetting the impacts of climate change.


  • The Farm Forestry Model - An Intro
    Patrick Milne, April 2009
    There is no question that as a group, farm foresters are at the top of the list when it comes to sustainable land management practitioners and practices. Farm forestry offers…

Tree Grower articles

  • The last 20 years and the next 20 years of farm forestry
    Garth Eyles, February 2014
    Twenty years ago I was introduced to farm forestry. For the previous 28 years I had been involved with resource mapping and the science of soil conservation throughout New Zealand.…
  • The farm forestry model: Peering into both silos
    Denis Hocking, February 2008
    This article was originally aimed at a pastoral farming audience, therefore its evangelical fervour. However as the NZFFA is keen to promote the Farm Forestry Model, it is reprinted here…


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