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NZFFA Accessories & Clothing

Promoting the NZFFA is always a good idea and many of you may have forgotten about the caps, badges and gate signs which can be purchased from the national office. As you will see the prices are very reasonable. 

NZFFA clothing is now available; there is a NZFFA branded jacket, Vest, Business shirt and polo shirt; details of clothing and how to purchase can be found Here.

Individual prices are given below along with special deals if you buy more than one item at a time. These prices include all the extras such as postage, packing and GST. If you want any of these badges or a cap just email or post your order to the national office.

  • Gate sign $7.50 
  • Jersey badge $7.50 
  • Lapel pin $7.50 
  • Gate sign, jersey badge, lapel pin all for $15 
  • Gate sign, jersey badge, lapel pin and cap, all for $35 
  • Gate sign/jersey badge/lapel pin (3 items) $15.00
  • Gate sign/jersey badge/lapel pin/cap (4 items) $35.00

(All prices include GST, and packing & postage within NZ.  International delivery POA)

Contact or post your order to NZFFA, PO Box 10349, Waterloo Quay, Wellington 6140.


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