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Dothistroma needle-blight

  • Dothistroma needle blight
    From Field Assessment, Control and Identification of Common Foliage Diseases of Pine in New Zealand. In this page: Diagnostic features Disease location Primary diagnostic features of Dothistroma needle blight Needles turn…
  • Dothistroma needle blight
    Forest pathology in New Zealand No. 5. LS Bulman (2008) Based on PD Gadgil (1984). Causal organism Dothistroma septosporum (Dorog.) M. Morelet, previously known in New Zealand as Dothistroma pini Hulbary.…
  • Needle blight caused by Dothistroma pini
    From Scion publication Forest Research Bulletin 220, An Introduction to The Diseases of Forest and Amenity Trees in New Zealand, G.S.Ridley and M.A. Dick 2001. Species: Dothistroma pini (Ascomycete anamorph) Common…
  • Dothistroma needle blight - nursery diseases
    From Forest Pathology in New Zealand No. 16. Nursery diseases. Based on Margaret Dick and AL Vanner  (1986), Revised by MA Dick (2008). Causal organism Dothistroma septosporum (Dorog.) M. Morelet.  Until…



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