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Beneficial organisms in forests

  • Controlling plant disease without pesticides
    From Biosecurity 99, August 2010. Researchers are investigating a new way of helping to manage foliar diseases that threaten New Zealand Pinus radiata plantations. “Fungal endophyte-mediated resistance” is a sustainable…
  • All you wanted to know about induced resistance in trees
    From Forest Health News 206, June 2010. As part of Scion’s research programme on induced resistance, supported by capability funding, a review of induced resistance to pests and pathogens in…
  • New Zealand's biological control process reviewed
    From Forest Health News 205, May 2010. The Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA New Zealand) has released a review of the influence of the HSNO Act on the process of…
  • How do epidemics of fungal forest pathogens occur?
    From Biosecurity 89, February 2009. Scientists are investigating the potential for biocontrol against Dothistroma (red-band) needle blight, which has a major affect on New Zealand's forest plantations. Dothistroma needle blight is…


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