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Dothistroma pine needle blight

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From Forest Health News 206, June 2010.

Dothistroma (septosporum) (= D. pini) is a needle blight that affects the health and growth of pine trees. Each summer, affected forests around New Zealand are aerially sprayed with a copper fungicide to control the disease.

Dothistroma on Pinus radiata.

The Dothistroma Control Committee (DCC), a subcommittee of the NZ Forest Owners’Association Inc (NZFOA), coordinates this spray programme on behalf of all forest owners. The Committee is concerned that forest owners or managers of small blocks may overlook the presence of the disease in their forests until serious damage to the stands has occurred. In addition, untreated stands create a source of infection to neighbouring forests.

The Committee’s services are available to all forest owners - large or small, to ensure the best control of the disease in the most cost effective manner.

The DCC purchases bulk supplies of copper fungicide at competitive rates on the world market, purchases spray oil and contracts aerial application of the spray.

The Committee, which is non-profit making, is also responsible for monitoring the programme and reviewing new research and developments that might improve the programme. The DCC members are from major forest growers, Farm Forestry Association and Scion.

In order to ensure that the most competitive flying rates are received, the Committee requires requests for spraying to be made by mid-August of each year.

If assistance is required to assess levels of infection, you should contact one of the NZ Forest Owners’Association approved Forest Health Surveyors, a Registered Forestry Consultant, or someone trained in Dothistroma assessment.

Forest owners are urged to act promptly so that their forest can be scheduled on the work programme for this season. For enquiries or assistance with spray programmes contact:

The Secretary, Dothistroma Control Committee, PO Box 1035, ROTORUA
Phone: (07) 3323454; or mobile (0274) 885940

Don Hammond (

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