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Milling, Drying and Marketing

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  • Harvesting a private woodlot
    Darrin Collett, May 2014
    This article focuses on harvesting and marketing a woodlot at Kaukapakapa, north of Auckland. During my 23 years of experience in forestry I have found that harvesting and marketing private…
  • From trees to timber
    Dean Satchell, February 2014
    Farm Forestry Timbers, the NZFFA’s newest and first nationwide branch, co-hosted the annual action group weekend held in Wanganui in November last year. The theme was quite different from the…
  • Shane Jordan portable sawmilling
    Shane Jordan, August 2013
    I own and operate a small portable sawmilling business east of Stratford. In my spare time I compete in timber sport competitions throughout the world. I am a current world…
  • Lucas portable sawmills
    Ian Schulz, August 2013
    If you are involved in farm forestry and are thinking of buying a sawmill to process your own logs, then you should start by establishing a market. The three main…
  • A farm forester’s experience with a Peterson mill
    Peter van Essen, August 2013
    I bought a Peterson automated swingblade mill in 2002 to use trees from young woodlots which I had planted. I chose this mill because of its portability, easy blade maintenance,…
  • Finding the right portable sawmill
    Marlena Martin and Layla Robinson, August 2013
    Most portable sawmills sold in this country are purchased by farmers. They can see the benefits of cutting their own trees for farm fences, sheds, yards and other projects. As…
  • Wood-Mizer for farm foresters
    John Fairweather, August 2013
    I have a mix of alternative species over 20 years old on my block in north Canterbury. Over 10 years ago I decided to try and add value to the…
  • Using a portable sawmilling service
    John and Ben Bergman, May 2013
    Mahoe Sawmills design and manufacture a range of portable sawmills from the factory in Kerikeri. The first machines were made after a delegation of Russians visited the family farm to…
  • Southern portable sawmilling
    Blair Stewart, May 2013
    I never set out to be a sawmiller. However, after a stint at farming as a teenager, and at the time looking for a change of direction, I was offered…
  • Farm forestry timbers - Local timbers for local markets
    Dean Satchell, August 2011
    When it comes to growing special purpose timber species, in every part of the country I hear the same things − Can we sell our logs? Is there a market…
  • Collective blackwood marketing
    Malcolm Mackenzie, November 2013
    I am keen to respond to the excellent ‘From the Patron’ in the August Tree Grower and hopefully stimulate a wide-ranging discussion among fellow members. I agree with Wink Sutton…
  • Blackwood Milling
    Malcolm Mackenzie, November 2013
    I attempted to be a little more scientific when we did our third small milling of Tasmanian blackwood timber this year. I wanted to calculate the conversion of log volume…
  • How does Douglas fir compare with radiata pine in framing timber?
    Mick Hedley, Dave Page, Jackie van der Waals, August 2009
    Douglas fir, which comprises around six per cent of the New Zealand exotic timber plantation, has been used as untreated framing timber for over 70 years. Historically, there were no…
  • A pet project
    Mike Halliday, May 2009
    It all started with a trip to Kuratau to spend a weekend with a cousin who had a bach there. We fell in love with the place and put an…
  • Selling alternative species
    Allan Levett and Dean Satchell, May 2009
    Interest in farm forestry circles these days is turning increasingly to selling our precious alternative species logs and timber. This is not only because some of the species Dad and…
  • Helping farmers sell wood
    Peter Harington, August 2005
    So what is it about Woodmetrics that aligns us so closely with the farm forestry sector? Established in 2000 as a business unit of Carter Holt Harvey, Woodmetrics offers a…
  • Understanding the stability of Douglas fir timber
    Author not published, August 2007
    Douglas fir has a history within the building industry as strong, stiff and stable timber, ideal for structural applications. Different interpretations of good stability can be given such as low…
  • Responding to moisture: How do Douglas fir and radiata compare?
    Andrew Karalus, August 2007
    Three research projects undertaken for the Douglas fir Cooperative have set out to quantify the differences between Douglas fir and radiata pine in terms of the responses to moisture by…
  • Harvesting and marketing some pruned redwood giants
    Jeff Tombleson, February 2007
    In 1997 Forest Research (now Scion) harvested and marketed 26 giant redwood trees which were felled for various reasons including their close proximity to buildings. The trees had been planted…
  • Eucalypts for timber: My experience and my floor
    Don Tantrum, November 2006
    I began planting eucalypts about 30 years ago. I soon discovered that not all I wished to grow did grow. The Taihape climate soon curbed my enthusiasm. I will not…
  • Use of New Zealand grown eucalypts
    Richard Davies-Colley, November 2006
    The development of industries using eucalypt timber is still in its infancy in New Zealand. We have only small areas of mixed species, limited knowledge of the product and therefore…
  • Milling and grading New Zealand grown blackwood
    Mike Esson, August 2006
    Blackwood is a much sought after timber, especially by cabinet makers because of it rich dark colour and fine finish. Blackwood is a species that brings people to our yard…
  • Furniture from blackwood
    Graeme and Betty Benjamin, August 2006
    Customers visiting the Everwood Furniture showroom in Mount Maunganui love furniture made from blackwood timber according to Graeme Benjamin. Graeme and his wife Betty have owned Everwood Furniture for a…
  • Milling cypresses and the marketing challenge
    Don Tantrum, February 2006
    I have been selecting, propagating, growing and managing cypresses for over 25 years including everything from controlled pollination to milling. We now have over 25 hectares planted from well over…
  • Macrocarpa – keeping faith with the old faithful
    Denis Hocking, February 2006
    In the first part of this issue of Tree Grower we are featuring articles covering some of the varying species and clones of cypress. The main generic name is Cupressus,…
  • MARVL pre-harvest inventory system
    Jim Cooke & Rob Webster, May 2005
    No, MARVL is not shorthand for one of the wonders of the world but something much more prosaic. MARVL is an acronym for ‘method of assessment of recoverable volume by…
  • The commercial reality of special purpose timber species
    Parnell Trost, May 2005
    Securing an adequate return for your stand of eucalypts or macrocarpa can be the most challenging part of the growing cycle. The market for special purpose timbers is relatively small,…
  • Log value recovery in a woodlot context
    Andy Dick, May 2005
    Commercial forest owners and forestry research organisations have over the years attempted to maximise returns by developing tools, processes and disciplines called log value recovery. If you have a good…
  • Adding value by milling on site
    Jonathan Walker, February 2005
    It is a well known fact that when you have a commodity to sell, there is an over-supply and the price falls. Conversely, when you are in the market to…



  • Modern eucalyptus sawmilling technology in Tasmania: Dean Satchell's blog, December 31, 2015
    Whilst in Tasmania during December 2015 I had the fortuitous opportunity to visit Newood sawmill near Huonville at the invitation of mill manager Josh Turnbill. This mill was set up…
  • Not all doom and gloom for alternative species: John Fairweather's blog, December 23, 2015
    The last issues of the North Canterbury branch newsletter covered some interesting issues associated with growing and harvesting alternative species. Two points stuck out to me. One was that there…
  • Sawing fence posts from Eucalyptus maculata: Dean Satchell's blog, September 19, 2015
    I planted a small stand of E. maculata (Spotted gum) 21 years ago in Northland, after being really impressed with an old stand of trees that were milled by David…
  • Radiata pine wood quality: Denis Hocking's blog, June 20, 2014
    Radiata pine may be an easy and productive timber species for us to grow, but it has long been recognised that the timber does have a number of quality problems.…






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