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Trees for Ecosystem Services

Tree Grower articles

  • Telling better forestry stories (Access: NZFFA membership)
    Michelle Harnett, August 2021
    ‘I don’t like radiata’ – A King Country farmer who wants to plant more trees. ‘I do not want any trees on my farm’ − a South Island farmer. ‘Farmers…
  • Experiences with the QE II National Trust: a gift that keeps giving (Access: unrestricted)
    Jeremy Collyns, February 2021
    We own 40 hectares of land at Pauatahanui which is part of Porirua City, just north of Wellington. This land was part of the early settlement plans of the New…
  • Forever protected: QE II National Trust a trusted promise (Access: unrestricted)
    Neil Cullen, February 2021
    In July last year I was appointed by then Minister Eugenie Sage, along with Karen Schumacher from Taranaki and Alan Livingston from Waikato, to the board of the QE II…
  • Non-timber values in sustainably managed native forests (Access: unrestricted)
    Jacqui Aimers, David Bergin and Gerard Horgan, November 2020
    New Zealand relies on forests for significant benefits. They include clean air and water, stable soils, biodiversity conservation, carbon sequestration, distinctive natural landscapes, spiritual and mental well-being, cultural identity, international…
  • QE II National Trust Covenants The what, the why and the how (Access: unrestricted)
    Jesse Bythell, November 2018
    I have carpenters and boat builders on both sides of the family and my interest in trees started from a young age. I never imaged that I would end up…
  • The true value of planted forests – An introduction to ecosystems services (Access: unrestricted)
    Michelle Harnett and Richard Yao, November 2015
    We see the trees, we see the wood, but what about the other benefits which planted forests provide? We benefit from the different environments or ecosystems we encounter in our…
  • Gullies supply most sediment to major East Coast river systems (Access: unrestricted)
    Mike Marden, August 2009
    It has long been suspected that gullies have been, and continue to be, the major source of sediment in each of the three major East Coast river systems − Waipaoa,…
  • Pine plantations and water quality in central North Island lakes (Access: unrestricted)
    John Quinn, November 2005
    Increasing nutrient levels threaten the quality of many central North Island lakes. A long term study showed that nutrients leaking from land to water decreased markedly when a central North…

Other Sources of information

  • Forest Ecosystem services (Scion publication August 2017)
    New Zealand’s around 1.7 million hectares of planted forests contribute an export return of more than $5 billion per year from wood and fibre based products. A large amount of lumber is also used locally. Our forests are increasingly being recognised for the other products, services and benefits they can provide over and above wood, fibre and fuel. Together, these benefits are called ecosystem services and are worth far more in total than the
    wood, fibre and fuel alone.
  • Forest Water Dynamics (Scion publication, July 2020)
    Water can be available from planted forest catchments even in the driest parts of New Zealand. Forests have the potential to release water during dry periods and regulate stream flow during storms and floods.


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