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Trees for bio-products

Tree Grower articles

  • Truffles and the compulsory acquisition of forest land (Access: unrestricted)
    Hamish Levack, May 2021
    Alexander Georgiev, a Bangor University primatologist, collected samples of some truffles after he observed a group of wild bonobos eating them in the Congo’s Kokolopori Reserve. Since last September, this…
  • A world of aromas: Wake up and smell the trees (Access: unrestricted)
    Michelle Harnett, August 2020
    Most of us look at plantation forests and see the wood, and perhaps paper and cardboard. We do not think about plastics, petrol or pharmaceuticals but these and more, can…
  • Truffles - an optional extra for woodlots (Access: unrestricted)
    Jax Lee, May 2013
    Over the last 20 years a truffle industry has been developing in New Zealand, with more than 60,000 infected trees now planted throughout the country on more than 150 sites.…



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