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New Zealand Tree Grower, August 2010

  • Eucalypts grown for seed (Access: unrestricted)
    Lesley Christian
    There is probably no other member of the NZFFA as well known to our membership as Graham Milligan – his booming voice, bushy beard and bare knees make him instantly…
  • Ernslaw One Douglas fir plantation (Access: unrestricted)
    Chris Bossley
    Over lunch at Dipton Hall, on yet another fine day with the usual apologies from the locals for the weather, we were told about Ernslaw One’s vision for Douglas fir.…
  • White Hill wind farm (Access: unrestricted)
    Harley Gray
    After our visit to Graham and Heather Milligan’s farm we had lunch at the Dipton Hall where we had presentations from Ernslaw One and Meridian Energy. Ernslaw had a problem…
  • Scottish surprise at Mt Surprise (Access: unrestricted)
    Dougal and Di McIntosh
    Saturday morning of the Invercargill conference, and another sunny day in Southland. Farm foresters crowded into four big comfortable buses to head across the Waimea Plains to Alistair and Kate…
  • Sixteen years of passion and tree planting a formidable task (Access: unrestricted)
    Bob Wishart
    The first bus full of conference attendees tried to take a short cut approaching John Purey- Cust’s property, with near dire consequences. But this in no way simulates what John…
  • Husqvarna North Island Farm Forester of the Year 2010 - Gordon Perry (Access: unrestricted)
    Author not published
    Gordon Perry lives at Hoteo, just a short distance from NZFFA founder Neil Barr’s farm. Gordon, his father and brother, purchased the property of 140 hectares from the Steventon family…
  • Husqvarna South Island Farm Foresters of the Year 2010 - George and Terry McMeeken (Access: unrestricted)
    Author not published
    George and Terry McMeeken farm 295 hectares at Feldwick, 25 km north of Tuatapere in Western Southland. George and Terry are long time members of the Southland branch and are…
  • Landcare Trust Award for Innovation in Sustainable Farm Forestry 2010 - Michael and Michelle Anderson (Access: unrestricted)
    Author not published
    Sometimes the boundaries between farmland and park become blurred. This is certainly the case at Lyndale farm owned by Michael and Michelle Anderson, the recipients of the Landcare Trust Award.…
  • Eucalypts in the sand country (Access: unrestricted)
    Denis Hocking
    I would not quite say that eucalypts have wound up as my alternative species of choice as a default, but it has been an interesting trip sorting out what good…
  • Dryland Forests Initiative has funding support for the next few years (Access: unrestricted)
    Paul Millen
    If we can ensure a future supply of home grown naturally durable eucalypt hardwood it will also help diversify land use, mitigate climate change and reduce soil erosion. Establishing durable…
  • A love affair with eucalypts (Access: unrestricted)
    Graham Milligan
    One of the characteristics of the dedicated farm forester is enthusiasm in attempting to grow a wide range of species outside the ubiquitous radiata pine. This has manifested itself in…
  • Growth and wood from eucalypts in Rotehu forest (Access: unrestricted)
    Trevor Jones
    The adaptation of different eucalypt species to climatic conditions and the type of wood produced varies widely. The 1980 species demonstration planting at Rotoehu forest, in the Bay of Plenty, provided…
  • Eucalyptus cladocalyx ? Adolescent with an attitude problem? (Access: unrestricted)
    Denis Hocking
    Eucalyptus cladocalyx is not one of the common farm forestry species in New Zealand and has been planted in only limited numbers round the country. There are specimens around but I…
  • Pre 1990 forest land allocation plan and new indigenous look-up tables (Access: unrestricted)
    Stuart Orme
    This is the third in a series of articles relating to the ETS as it affects land owners and forest growers. Pre 1990 forest land allocation plan MAF expects that…
  • Forestry and wood and the ETS (Access: unrestricted)
    Wink Sutton
    If we want to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide why have we limited the forestry contribution to carbon sequestration? Since we cannot go on increasing new planting for ever, the carbon…
  • Encouraging school students to think positively about forestry (Access: unrestricted)
    Patricia Norton
    Some eight or nine years ago I was editing some geography resources for secondary schools that discussed questions of sustainable indigenous forestry. I was disappointed in the way forestry was…
  • President's Comment (Access: unrestricted)
    John Dermer
    A window of opportunity It has been a very interesting, dare I say exciting, time since taking over from Patrick Milne in April. There is now a much greater interest…


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