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Wanganui / Manawatu / Wairarapa

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A low to medium-density softwood that is visually comparable to kauri. The heartwood is golden brown; has a fine grain; machines well; and sands well, to give a high-quality finish. It is a cypress so it also smells nice.

Macrocarpa is naturally durable, equivalent to H3.1 treated, which means it is a great alternative to chemically treated wood. It can be used for framing and for exterior off-the-ground uses such as cladding, fencing, and decking.

We have plenty of stock available in a range of grades & dimensions; both rough-sawn & dressed.


Region Wanganui / Manawatu / Wairarapa

Contact person: Hamish Randle


Mobile: 0204 622 255



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