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Wood council of NZ Inc. Media Release, November 2013.

 Prosperity from Forestry and Wood Products

The forest and wood products industry has the ability to deliver renewable and resilient growth. There are a number of areas where government can, and should, have an interest in facilitating the development of the forest and wood products industry. It can do this by delivering better policy, minimising regulatory barriers and publicly committing to and communicating the value it places on the industry.

The status quo alternative provides ample incentive for action - a continued focus on commodities, reducing forest cover, an economy tied to the fortunes of the dairy sector, a degrading rural environment with ever increasing clean-up costs, slow erosion of international clean green credibility, loss of ground to competitors in the technology revolution, continued reliance on ever-increasing fossil fuel costs, and continued use of non-renewable construction materials.

The overall government position with respect to forestry needs to be aligned with the Wood Council of New Zealand strategy to help us achieve a mutually desirable prize.

1 November 2013

Download the Industry Manifesto:

  1. The Prize
  2. The Government toolkit to deliver the Strategic Action Plan
  3. NZ forest and wood products potential
  4. What is needed?
  5. Conclusion

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