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This page is not intended to be a comprehensive information resource on harvesting logs for sawmilling. That might come later...!

The focus for most smaller operations is cost-efficient small-scale harvesting.

Here are some examples of small scale harvesting machinery:

Li Legler's 45 HP 4WD tractor with winch for harvesting logs. Li built a "nose cone" for logs so they don't get caught up when hauling out of the bush.

Simple way of loading logs on to a small flat deck truck. A vehicle such as a small car pulls the cable from the other side of the truck using an attached pulley. Please note: This operation is extremely dangerous and should only be undertaken by competent professionals who understand the hazards and have put in place safety measures.

Li's Small 45HP 1.7 tonne 4WD tractor is also used for lifting logs onto his woodmizer sawmill bench and handling packets of timber. It can lift 800 kg. The front of the tractor is counter-weighted with a 200 litre plastic drum full of water. This allows him to transport the tractor without the extra weight.

John Fairweather's forwarder. This is used for forwarding logs from the bush to his mill site.


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