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Board and batten cladding
Weatherboard cladding

Our timber cladding comes from a truly renewable and environmentally friendly resource: Plantation forests and trees of naturally durable species. Specify natural cladding timbers with no preservative treatment from locally produced timber.

Specialty timber species most suitable for cladding include NZS 3602:2003 as referenced in the NZ building code, provided our cladding grades are specified.

Timber cladding is a warm, natural and durable product.


Usually available in the marketplace.

Types of cladding

Timber cladding usually comes as either vertical board and batten, or as weatherboards. There are a large range of horizontal and vertical weatherboard profiles available but Rusticated and Bevel Back are the most common profiles. A range of profiles are available from your supplier and finished to either a bandsawn or smooth finish.

Types of finish

Cladding is available in either a smooth or bandsawn finish. The smooth finish is usually coated with a stain or oil and the textured bandsawn finish is either allowed to go natural silver-grey or coated.


Examples of weatherboard profiles

Cladding can be stained or oiled to maintain the natural colour of the timber, or allowed to weather to a silver-grey tone. Bandsawn timber will soak up much more product than smooth timber. Darker coatings will attract heat and are more likely to warp the timber.

Timber cladding showing the feature of natural timber.


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