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 Sleepers - Grades

All grades:

Sleepers must not contain more than 25% sapwood

Maximum wane allowed 20% of cross section.


  • Bow maximum 50/1
  • Crook maximum 50/1.




Eucalyptus botryoides, E. saligna, E. obliqua, E. muelleriana, E globoidea, E. pilularis, E. microcorys, E. globulus, E. maidenii or other durable eucalypt species

Red beech, black beech, hard beech.


Macrocarpa, lusitanica, lawsons cypress, Leyland cypress,  redwood, cedar.

General and Responsibilities

At least 95% of the consignment of graded timber shall meet the grade specifications above upon despatch.

Moisture level must be agreed to.

For tallying volumes call dimensions shall be used.

Call sizes (mm) 25 40 50 75 100 125 150 200 225 250 300
Actual dressed dry size (mm) 19 35 45 70 90 115 140 180 205 230 280


Once despatched the seller shall not be responsible for any subsequent deterioration of condition of the timber or defects arising from further processing. 

Farm Forestry Timbers reserve the right to revise our grading rules without notice. Grade revision 1.1 October 2013

See Glossary for explanation of terms.


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