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New Zealand has a long tradition of producing quality furniture using local wood products, and nurturing the talent of local craftspeople. Unfortunately the industry has struggled to survive in recent years with the battle against imported furniture from countries with lower environmental and employment standards.

Vanity in coloured/sapwood totara, by Natural Timber Creations

A crafted furniture piece becomes an heirloom that lasts for generations. Celebrate our local craftspeople, our fantastic locally produced timbers and support our industry.

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Timber species

Sustainably produced specialty timbers suitable for decorative end-uses including furniture, joinery and shop fitouts include:

Softwoods: totara, cypress species, macrocarpa

Hardwoods: Southern beech, poplar and eucalyptus

Use the showcase link above to view each of these species in use.


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Chest of drawers in Black beech, by Dag Guest
Above: Red beech outdoor furniture, by David Trubridge.
Laminated Blackwood benchtop
Solid timber wardrobe made from Eucalyptus regnans laminated panels
Farm-totara table and kitchen benchtops


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