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Farm Forestry Timbers media release, March 2015.

Farm Forestry Timbers Society and NZFFA with support from AGMARDT have tested the characteristic stresses of five specialty timber species to meet the requirements of the NZ building code for structural performance. 

Farm Forestry Timbers have determined the Characteristic Stresses of our No. 1 Structural grade for the following species:

These species can be used for structural applications under the building code using NZS 3603 Timber Structures, by involving an engineer in the design. Look for an engineer in the Farm Forestry Timbers Marketplace

Engineers can now specify and design with these five species for structural applications by using their "characteristic stresses" under NZS 3603 Timber Structures Standard. The building code has been seen as a major impediment to developing markets for specialty timbers suitable for structural applications. This is because the standards have only provided solutions for the use of radiata pine and Douglas fir in terms of structural performance and required treatment levels.

Farm Forestry Timbers Society is an independent industry group set up to open market opportunities for locally grown specialty timbers in New Zealand. The five species we have tested were seen as the most important for structural applications.

Supporting FFT by joining and participating in our activities is an important part of taking this voluntary group and the species we represent forward towards recognition of their value to society in New Zealand. We welcome anyone with an interest in specialty timbers as members, from growers and processors right through to engineers and architects.

AGMARDT (the Agricultural and Marketing Research and Development Trust) Support businesses and industry groups to gain a deeper understanding of their markets to identify and exploit potential opportunities as well as providing funding assistance to industry groups and businesses for international keynote speakers and experts to come to New Zealand to speak at conferences and forums

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