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Farm Forestry Timbers 

Specialty Timbers newsletter 18, April 2019

Farm Forestry Timbers are an industry body representing the interests of specialty timber producers and users in New Zealand. We support and advocate for locally produced timbers going into local markets for quality products. We represent all facets of industry – membership ranges from growers right through to designers and users of timber.

Farm Forestry Timbers Society

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In this newsletter:

Editorial - Building System Legislative Reform Programme public consultation

The Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment (MBIE) administer the building code and are proposing major changes to NZ's building laws to:

  1. increase the quality of information about building products;
  2. hold people accountable for building products and their use; and
  3. reduce the risk of defects in building work.

They are also proposing to strengthen the framework for product certification.

So how might this affect growers and producers of specialty timbers? Well, I have concerns around product assurance and in particular product certification for building products.

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Dean Satchell
Chair, Farm Forestry Timbers Society


Chairmans Report

My focus for the last year has continued to be the three standards committees I sit on. The standards relevant to timber design and timber in buildings do not come up for review regularly, but do have a significant impact on the use of timber species in New Zealand. Therefore I have dedicated my available time to these standards, NZS 3602, NZS 3640 and NZS 3603 in order to have the greatest influence possible on outcomes. I continue to hope that these standards will be cited in the building code by the end of the year. Apologies for not producing regular newsletters.

Dean Satchell


Notice of AGM

Farm Forestry Timbers society will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 15th May 2019 at 2pm, at the Kauri room, Distinction Hotel Rotorua.



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Message: 8 years on and I still have quake damage to repair,-- 2 x Lawson round wood poles 200mm SED x 4.8m. These are /were ridge pole supports and a feature of my WR Cedar log home. Any sources from Nth Otago, Canterbury, to top of SI would be very welcome. Thanks Stu Bould

From: Darrin Jones
Message: Hi, Do you sell dry rough sawn Red Beech. I am looking for some to have a go at building a harp

From: Emma Paki
Message: Where can I buy Paulownia tomentosa and at what price please.

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