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Farm Forestry Timbers 

Specialty Timbers newsletter 16, August 2018

Farm Forestry Timbers are an industry body representing the interests of specialty timber producers and users in New Zealand. We support and advocate for locally produced timbers going into local markets for quality products. We represent all facets of industry – membership ranges from growers right through to designers and users of timber.

Farm Forestry Timbers Society

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In this newsletter:


First of all apologies, communication from me has not been as regular as I would have liked this year. The reason for this is the long hours going into Standards committees, in particular NZS 3602 Timber and wood-based products for use in building and NZS 3640 Chemical preservation of timber and wood based products.

I can report that the revision of these standards continues and may even continue for some time yet. Public submissions were called for both standards and it is the committee's role to consider all public submissions, which can be very time-consuming. 

In terms of developing markets for naturally durable timber products, the importance of NZS 3602 should not be underestimated. The last time this standard was revised was in 2003, when H1.2 boron treatment was introduced for radiata pine used in structural applications. Treatment was made mandatory because radiata pine is perishable. I've been working hard to ensure NZS 3602 is more inclusive of naturally durable timber species, which is timely not just because natural durability is better for the environment, but also because until markets are re-established for naturally durable timber in New Zealand, growers will not consider planting naturally durable species among those billion trees to be planted over the next ten years.

Where will that leave us, in thirty years, if radiata is still the only commercial species being planted? Well, I could speculate, but the current situation is that when buildings are demolished, treated timber must all go to a landfill. Preservative-treated wood is not suitable as fuelwood because of the dioxins released to the atmosphere and the ash is also not suitable as fertiliser because of heavy metal contamination. Clearly we do not yet live in a sustainable society because collectively we choose to not address wood treatment issues and the environmental sustainability of the building industry. Not yet anyway. The problem is that it takes 25 years before a plantation forest is ready to supply wood into the market. So what will market demand look like in 30 years? Consumers are starting to ask for natural building materials more and more and the fact is that wood is the most renewable building material on this earth. Naturally durable timber, when its service life is finished, can be used as fuel and the ash can be used for fertiliser. Win-win. Sustainability. The point I am making is that an inclusive building code provides a level playing field and demand for naturally durable timber generates interest. Only once there is a real market for the wood will people plant the trees.

Dean Satchell
Chair, FFT

If you have a story for this newsletter, please get in touch with Dean by email.


Timber Design Awards 2018

The NZ Speciality Timber Award is sponsored by the NZ Farm Forestry Association. This award encompasses the use of specialty timber in a manner that best highlights its unique characteristics. This category is open to entries from across the spectrum of NZ grown timber usage, from furniture to buildings, facilities to objets d’art.

Finalists are:

Gateway Pavilion
Holmes Consulting LP & Stevens Lawson Architects

The Atmosphere of Joinery
Lingyi Wang with Andrew Barrie Lab

Pukapuka Road House

Kowtow Flagship
Makers of Architecture & Makers of Fabricati

Habitat Markers
Isthmus Group Ltd

Walton House
John Henderson Architecture Ltd

Have a look at these finalists. I have... and for me there is a real stand out. A house made from locally produced timber species each used in the right applications, a house where those different timbers have been carefully and knowledgeably chosen both for their aesthetic appeal but also for their properties. A showpiece home crafted from specialty timbers.

I'll be hosting a table at the awards and presenting the NZ Specialty Timber award, so contact me with a good reason why I should give you a seat at my table. Otherwise, tickets are on Sale now.... 
2018 NZ Wood Resene Timber Design Awards Gala Presentation Dinner, Thursday, 20th September 5.30pm - 11.30pm. More >>

Dean Satchell


The inbox

Feel free to respond to these messages from the FFT inbox:

From: Anthony Beilby
Kauri for sale, Thames. Shed dried, over 3 meter lengths,150 to 200 width and 50 mm thick, from kopu hikawai. Please text or call 02102785877 for details.

From: Geoff McIvor
I have 160 mature 40m redwoods ... where can I obtain information about lumber value.
Many thanks

From: Caitlyn Lee
We would like to use some FSC certified macrocarpa on Gisborne airport. Would you please tell us where we can source this and obtain FSC certificates?

From: Ricky Cribb
I would like to purchase 18 slabs of totara 10 by two inches can you please send me a quote please so I can access funding to be able to purchase these 18 slabs of totara.

From: Geoffrey Rathbun
I am looking to source quite a lot of wood for a new house build.  Basically, about 10 cubic metres of durable wood.  Eucalyptus seems a good wood to use.  I am bonding three lengths of wood together to make a beam, and I am not sure if this is covered under the current building code.  I live in Christchurch.  Do you have any advice for me?

From: Caitlyn Lee
Just wondering if there are FSC certified sources of totara for our Living Building Challenge project?

From: Robin Martin
Our marae is looking for totara to replace our waharoa/gateway. We need four pieces 3.5m X 450mm X 100mm. Are you able to help?, If not, can you recommend anyone?

From: Joe Williams
I have 7 x redwoods , about 27 years old, between 700 mm and 1 m in diameter and am trying to establish realistic value without being robbed by a sawmiller. I am in Tauranga.

From: Bruce Dobson
I have a two large kauri trees which have come down as a result of a landslip on my property. Can you advise who may be interested in purchasing these. Phone 09 8148985



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Timberworks Ltd Tasman 
Timberworks is New Zealand's leading timberframe company. Projects are individually designed and hand-crafted to create stunning exposed, timber features for homes and other buildings.
Contact person: Martin Langelaan 
Phone number: 035403080 , Mobile number: 0210616034 
Postal address: 348 Pomona Road, RD1 Upper Moutere, Tasman, 7173 
Physical address: 348 Pomona Road Ruby Bay Tasman 7173 
Email address: 
Website: http://

Diverse Tree Species. Northland 
Portable bandsaw milling and resawing of exotic and native logs and timbers. 
Contact person: Li Legler 
Mobile number: 021 409 885 
Postal address: 25A Tanekaha Lane, RD 1, Kerikeri, 0294 
Physical address:Purerua Rd, Kerikeri 
Timber species: Cypress, Eucalypt, Blackwood, Cedar 
Supplier of: Timber 
Timber for sale: Green sawn ungraded timber, Seasoned ungraded timber, Decking timber - graded, Sleepers, Timber for furniture/joinery - graded, Slabs, Panelling timber - graded 
Buyer of: Logs, Standing trees 
Services: Timber transport, Sawmilling service, Resawing

PTL | Structural Consultants Canterbury 
PTL Structural Consultants is a team of highly skilled structural engineers specializing in the design and construction of innovative and effective wood buildings and bridges. With 50 years combined experience in applying state-of-the-art timber techniques in an innovative and affordable manner, the PTL engineers provide professional consulting services and work in partnership with developers, architects, and construction companies ensuring the highest quality end results with real build-ability. PTL have a passion for the use of alternative timbers in design and have answers to many of the regulatory questions that can arise in their use. PTL staff have been involved in many significant projects in New Zealand and around the world.
Contact person: Tobias Smith 
Mobile number: 0212675985 
Postal address: PO Box 8415, Christchurch, 8041 
Physical address: 3/19 Southwark Street Christchurch Central 8011 New Zealand 
Email address: 
Services: Design, Structural engineer

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