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Farm Forestry Timbers 

Specialty Timbers newsletter 12, October 2017

Farm Forestry Timbers are an industry body representing the interests of specialty timber producers and users right around New Zealand. We support locally produced timbers going into local markets, for quality products. We represent all facets of industry, membership ranges from growers right through to designers and users of timber.

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Newsletter editor:
Dean Satchell

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Li Legler

In this newsletter:


I've been to Australia quite a few times and in particular Tasmania. Having held a long term interest in wood I've always closely observed what they do over the ditch and how that compares with New Zealand. Here in New Zealand just about everything structural is radiata pine, even appearance products, for example the large exposed timber glulam beams in both Christchurch and Wellington airports, made with finger-jointed short clear lengths. In contrast, the Australians mostly use glulam eucalyptus for appearance structural beams. This is because it is both stronger and also looks better than pine.

So why don't we produce glulam eucalypt structural beams here in New Zealand? Well, I'd suggest the answer is simple. The building code grants radiata pine an exclusive endorsement. We are the only country in the world where the term "wood" actually means radiata pine. This puzzles me, but what has unfolded in the course of time is an exclusive reign, one where treated timber appears to have become the de-facto "reference material", the benchmark by which all others are compared and approved. The bar is raised to where the treated timber performs, which can simply be set as chemical retention levels. Nice and simple...

Not that radiata came first. Naturally durable timbers were the norm in building construction until scarcity forced our hand and the newcomer filled that void. Now the void has been entirely filled by different flavours of that one species and clearly it is nice and simple to keep it that way.

Perhaps simple... but equitable? Back to Australia, they still have a native forest industry so woe-betide to anybody who would deny those species. Here, with one dominant species that fills over 90% of timber production it is so much easier to just keep things simple and make do with the properties that are on offer. An exclusive product and exclusive market?

600 x 220 Victorian ash beams spanning 20 metres.

Dean Satchell
Chair, FFT

If any of you have stories for this newsletter, please get in touch with Dean by email.


Report: Developing markets for specialty timbers

A $10,000 budget provided by the Forest growers Levy allowed for some market development work by Farm Forestry Timbers for our specialty timber species. Tasks accomplished included:

  • Updating the Farm Forestry Timbers web resource and improving consistency/navigability of the website
  • Fix the outstanding issues with creating adverts in our marketplace
  • Facilitate advertising by members
  • Produce regular newsletters
  • Initiate google advertising for Farm Forestry Timbers
  • Participation in building code standards committees

Members can see the report here »

Your committee have decided that once the updates to the NZ standards are cited in the building code (next year), the next steps will be to work on actively promoting specialty timbers. A proposal will be submitted to the Joint NZFFA/FOA promotions committee shortly. If there is something you want done then get hold of a committee members and chew their ear.


How easy is it to create adverts in the FFT marketplace?


  1. As easy as watching a video. Click here »
  2. Email Dean at with a photo and some words. I will then place your ad in the marketplace.




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Kings Woodworking Company ltd Wanganui / Manawatu / Wairarapa Looking for kiln-dry silver beech, needs to be 2" thick, width doesn't matter.

Missing Timber For Sale Eucalyptus hardwood decking 
Ruapehu Sawmills Wanganui / Manawatu / Wairarapa ex 125 x 25 Eucalyptus regnans (115 cover). Regnans is the most attractive hard...

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Hedley Contracting ltd Canterbury We have for sale good quantities of Macrocarpa decking. Our most popular line ...

Laurie-forestry-macrocarpa Timber For Sale Macrocarpa merch grade 
Hedley Contracting ltd Canterbury 100 x 25 and 150 x 25 merch grade (graded to NZS 3631:1988). $1.40 incl. gs...

Img_1192 Timber For Sale Macrocarpa clears timber for sale 
Hedley Contracting ltd Canterbury Our company specialises in sales of all grades of Macrocarpa with an emphasis o...

Timbers_square_logo_small Buyer Of Larch, Redwood & Eucalypt logs wanted 
Timbers of New Zealand Ltd Canterbury Larch and Redwood logs & stands in the South Island wanted. Eucalyptus - pilu...

Diverse Tree Species. Northland 
Portable bandsaw milling and resawing of exotic and native logs and timbers. 
Contact person: Li Legler 
Mobile number:021 409 885 
Postal address:25A Tanekaha Lane, RD 1, Kerikeri, 0294 
Physical address:Purerua Rd, Kerikeri
Timber species: Cypress, Eucalypt, Blackwood, Cedar 
Supplier of: Timber 
Timber for sale: Green sawn ungraded timber, Seasoned ungraded timber, Decking timber - graded, Sleepers, Timber for furniture/joinery - graded, Slabs, Panelling timber - graded 
Buyer of: Logs, Standing trees 
Services: Timber transport, Sawmilling service, Resawing

Missing Timber For Sale Macrocarpa timber for sale 
Diverse Tree Species. Northland Rough sawn, air dried, ungraded timber, 6x2, 8x2

Missing Timber For Sale Japanese cedar timber for sale (Cryptomeria) 
Diverse Tree Species. Northland Rough sawn, air dried, ungraded timber, 6x1, 8x1 and 10x1

20171003_082531-1 Timber For Sale Leyland cypress timber for sale 
Diverse Tree Species. Northland Rough sawn, air dried, ungraded timber, 6x1, 8x1, 6x2

Missing Timber For Sale Blackwood timber for sale 
Diverse Tree Species. Northland Rough sawn, air dried, ungraded timber, 6x2 and 8x2.

PTL | Structural Consultants Canterbury 
PTL Structural Consultants is a team of highly skilled structural engineers specializing in the design and construction of innovative and effective wood buildings and bridges. With 50 years combined experience in applying state-of-the-art timber techniques in an innovative and affordable manner, the PTL engineers provide professional consulting services and work in partnership with developers, architects, and construction companies ensuring the highest quality end results with real build-ability. PTL have a passion for the use of alternative timbers in design and have answers to many of the regulatory questions that can arise in their use. PTL staff have been involved in many significant projects in New Zealand and around the world.
Contact person: Tobias Smith 
Mobile number: 0212675985 
Postal address: PO Box 8415, Christchurch, 8041 
Physical address: 3/19 Southwark Street Christchurch Central 8011 New Zealand 
Email address: 
Services: Design, Structural engineer

Estate of M G Hunter Northland 
Contact person: Susan Carmont 
Mobile number: 027 4054954 
Postal address: PO Box 616, Whangarei, 0140 
Email address: 

Hedley Contracting ltd Canterbury 
Our company specialises in sales of all grades of Macrocarpa with an emphasis on air dried graded lumber. We have excellent transport arrangements freighting our lumber throughout NZ. Our pricing categories include 3 levels, Retail single stick sales, retail cubic metre plus sales and wholesale.
Contact person:Ross Hedley 
Phone number:0272019996 , Mobile number: 0272019996
Postal address: 6 Paul Street, Waimate, 7924 
Physical address:254 Maytown road Waimate 
Timber species: Macrocarpa 
Timber for sale: Green sawn ungraded timber, Seasoned ungraded timber, Flooring timber - graded, Decking timber - graded, Cladding timber - graded, Timber for furniture/joinery - graded, Slabs, Panelling timber - graded 

John Fairweather Specialty Timber Solutions Canterbury 
We supply eucalyptus hardwood for flooring and other interior uses. We use locally-grown ash eucalypts, typically Eucalyptus regnans (Mountain Ash), and Eucalyptus nitens (Shining Gum), to make high quality, stable hardwood. We also have recycled ironbark timber cut from wharf piles which makes a very hard and durable timber. Our timber is kiln dried to 12%MC using solar technology. Our business goal is helping people to experience the pleasure of enhancing their living environment with wood. 
Contact person: John Fairweather 
Phone number: 03 3520447 ,Mobile number: 021 2110705 
Postal address: 180 Cavendish Road, Casebrook, Christchurch, 8051 
Physical address: 162 Harleston Rd, Balcairn, North Canterbury 
Email address: 
Timber species: Eucalypt, Blackwood 
Supplier of: Timber, Firewood 
Timber for sale: Seasoned ungraded timber, Structural graded timber, Flooring timber - graded, Timber for glue laminating - graded, Decking timber - graded 
Buyer of: Logs 
Services: Sawmilling service, Machining and profiling, Timber merchant, Resawing

Mac Direct Ltd Auckland 
Sawmill/ timber merchant specialising in macrocarpa/cypress
Contact person: Murray Grant 
Phone number: 09 236 3727 , Fax number: 09 2363727 Postal address:C/O MacDirect, RD 3, Pukekohe, 2726 
Physical address: 128c Mauku Road Patumahoe Pukekohe 
Timber species: Cypress, Macrocarpa 
Supplier of: Timber, Firewood, Outdoor furniture 
Timber for sale: Seasoned ungraded timber, Profiled and dressed ungraded timber, Structural graded timber, Flooring timber - graded, Timber for glue laminating - graded, Decking timber - graded, Cladding timber - graded, Timber for furniture/joinery - graded, Panelling timber - graded, Timber for structural glulam - graded 
Buyer of: Logs 
Services: Timber transport, Sawmilling service, Kiln drying service, Machining and profiling, Timber merchant, Interior joinery furniture and fitouts, Exterior joinery and furniture

Disclaimer: While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided on this site, Farm Forestry Timbers Society do not accept liability for any consequences arising from reliance on the information published. If readers have any doubts about acting on any articles they should seek confirming, professional advice.

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