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New Zealand Tree Grower, May 2012

  • Husqvarna South Island Farm Foresters of the Year 2012 - Dennis and Margaret Larsen (Access: unrestricted)
    Author not published
    Farm foresters have a keen interest and love of trees, but plant them for various reasons. Many have small blocks of diverse species, which provide great environmental and amenity value…
  • Husqvarna North Island Farm Forester of the Year 2012 - Roger and Daphne Reddington (Access: unrestricted)
    Author not published
    Roger and Daphne live at Chilly Brook in the upper Akatarawa valley, north of Upper Hutt. Roger first worked in the vicinity as a carpenter at a sawmill which had…
  • Landcare Trust Award for Innovation in Sustainable Farm Forestry 2012 - Rural Woman New Zealand Forest Committee Southland (Access: unrestricted)
    Author not published
    This year’s winner of the New Zealand Landcare Trust award is not the normal farm operation of the type which has won this award in the past. In New Zealand there…
  • Risk management and insurance (Access: unrestricted)
    Rural Fire Authority
    The conversion of land from forestry to pasture has gained momentum in recent years. While most of this land is destined for dairying, many sheep and beef farmers retain forestry…
  • What is risk management? (Access: unrestricted)
    Jane Marsick
    All farms face risks which can potentially affect the assets or income. In terms of a small forest, many of the risks are fairly obvious such as fire or storm…
  • Insurance for woodlots and farm foresters (Access: unrestricted)
    Darryl Hawke
    There is a long history of farm forestry insurance in New Zealand. Although many small forest owners have sought to protect their investment with insurance, some have opted to take…
  • Fire management for small forests (Access: unrestricted)
    Gary Lockyer
    Small forests are considered to be anything from a few trees to over 1,000 hectares. Whether you own or manage an exotic or indigenous forest, protecting it from fire is…
  • Managing the risks to health, safety, property and profit (Access: unrestricted)
    Matt Hanna
    Risk management in farming and forestry immediately focuses landowners on compliance. Technicians enjoy compliance, but creative people often struggle to accommodate it. By nature farmers and foresters are often individualistic.…
  • Snow damage in mixed age plantings (Access: unrestricted)
    Eric Cairns
    The August 2011 snow storms in the southern North Island caught many by surprise. It was not the usual graupel, but large flakes that stuck to things. Many local houses…
  • Wooden skyscrapers are wonderful, but... (Access: unrestricted)
    Wink Sutton
    Google the ‘the world’s tallest building’ and responses include proposals for a 16 to 17 storey building in Norway and for the Creative Renewable Energy and Efficiency group’s plan for…
  • Lower North - Geology, geography and a short-ish history (Access: unrestricted)
    Peter Berg and Peter Riley
    The Lower North branch of the NZFFA extends over a distance of approximately 100 km. It is generally considered to stretch from the centre of Auckland city, the Manukau Harbour…
  • Growing high value tree species in the Lower North (Access: unrestricted)
    Wade Cornell
    Wade Cornell purchased his Waiatarua property in the Waitakere foothills in 1987. The soils are mostly heavy clays but not untypical of many areas in the north. Since then he…
  • From kauri to eucalypt (Access: unrestricted)
    John Furniss
    My grandfather, John Hoyle Furniss after whom I was named, moved from the damp misty peat lands of Rotowaro near Huntly to Ahuroa near Warkworth at the end of World…
  • Redwoods by Kaipara harbour (Access: unrestricted)
    Harley and Margaret Gray
    In 2004 we agreed to participate in a clonal redwood trial organised by Wade Cornell. Our participation was of interest because we are probably at the northern extreme for this…
  • Carbon credits - Is New Zealand in surplus or deficit? (Access: unrestricted)
    Stuart Orme
    I understand that the government believes the country is in surplus for carbon credits and will meet its Kyoto obligations. This is calculated by the amount of carbon in the…
  • Clonal redwood production (Access: unrestricted)
    Greg Palmer and Simon Rapley
    The New Zealand Redwood Company tree sales programme is an alliance with Nga Rakau Nurseries Ltd. The New Zealand Redwood Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Soper Wheeler Company…
  • President's Comment (Access: unrestricted)
    Ian Jackson
    New President Hello and greetings to fellow farm forestry memebers. I would like to introduce myself to you having been elected President during the AGM at the conference in Balclutha.…


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