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Durable eucalypts

Please note: Some of these reports are restricted access.

  • Non-destructive detection of the heartwood-sapwood barrier
    SWP-T088 - Access: NZFFA membership. This SWP report shall at all times be kept confidential and not directly or indirectly be made available to anyone who is not an SWP member.
    September 2019
    This study examined the feasibility of using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging to identify the heartwood-sapwood barrier in trees (Eucalyptus globoidea, Eucalyptus bosistoana and Cupressus ovensii). The dielectric properties measured of…
  • The decay resistance of six Eucalyptus species after three years exposure
    SWP-T085 - Access: NZFFA membership. This SWP report shall at all times be kept confidential and not directly or indirectly be made available to anyone who is not an SWP member.
    August 2019
    Durability stakes and stakelets were prepared from six different durable Eucalyptus species, (Eucalyptus bosistoana, Eucalyptus quadrangulata, Eucalyptus pilularis, Eucalyptus sphaerocarpa, Eucalyptus globoidea, Eucalyptus muelleriana). For each species, timber had been selected…
  • Minimising growth-strain in eucalypts to transform processing
    SWP-T087 - Access: unrestricted.
    June 2019
    A four-year MPI Sustainable Farming Fund project 407602 was undertaken at the University of Canterbury School of Forestry (2015-2019). The driver for the project was the perceived opportunity for high-stiffness…
  • Forest Protection SSIF research on species other than radiata pine 2018/19
    SWP-T081 - Access: NZFFA membership. This SWP report shall at all times be kept confidential and not directly or indirectly be made available to anyone who is not an SWP member.
    June 2019
    Plantation species other than Pinus radiata (radiata pine), in particular Douglas-fir and eucalypts, form an important part of a diversified forest estate. Douglas-fir is planted over approx. 105,000 ha. and is the…
  • Rotary peeling of 15 year old E. bosistoana and E. quadrangulata
    SWP-T079 - Access: NZFFA membership. This SWP report shall at all times be kept confidential and not directly or indirectly be made available to anyone who is not an SWP member.
    June 2019
    It was demonstrated that rotary peeled veneers of good surface quality can be obtained from 15 year old Eucalyptus bosistoana and E. quadrangulata trees grown in New Zealand. The mechanical…
  • Dimensional Stability of Specialty Species
    SWP-T074 - Access: unrestricted.
    May 2019
    Dimensional changes caused by changes in wood moisture content (dimensional stability) can have a large impact on how the wood performs in service. Poor dimensional stability can lead to cracking,…
  • Heartwood in Eucalyptus bosistoana (2009 plantings)
    SWP-T072 - Access: unrestricted.
    March 2019
    The ultimate goal of the NZDFI breeding programme is to exploit variation in quantity and quality of extractive content to identify superior families in terms of heartwood content and quality.…
  • Optimising new PSP locations for durable eucalypts
    SWP-T065 - Access: unrestricted.
    September 2018
    As part of an effort to develop a forest industry based on durable hardwood eucalypts in New Zealand, a network of sample plots for numerous species has been established throughout…
  • Bioactivity of Heartwood Compounds
    SWP-T060 - Access: Executive.
    July 2018
    This report is based on work according to SWP Work Plan No. SWP-WP026. The results are part of Gayatri Mishra’s PhD thesis, of which the relevant chapters are attached in…
  • LVL Stiffness Calculator User Guide
    SWP-T059 - Access: unrestricted.
    June 2018
    This software is only intended to be used as a decision tool that enables questions to be asked about the potential suitability of a wood resource being able to supply a range of LVL grades.…
  • Sapwood Depth Tool – Proof of Principle
    SWP-T054 - Access: unrestricted.
    June 2018
    This research aims to develop a sapwood tool that can determine the sapwood/heartwood interface based on electrical resistance measurements with minimised set-up time. This report shows the first developed lab-based…
  • NZDFI Biosecurity Risk Management Plan
    SWP-T051 - Access: unrestricted.
    June 2018
    A number of new biological threats to eucalypts have recently become established in New Zealand. NZDFI are particularly concerned about the risk of spreading myrtle rust and EVB (Eucalyptus variegated…
  • Heartwood in Eucalyptus bosistoana (2010 plantings)
    SWP-T046 - Access: unrestricted.
    May 2018
    The measurement of natural durability is resource intensive (Harju and Venäläinen, 2006; Li and Altaner, 2016b). High resource demands prevent this trait from being included in breeding programmes. However, the…
  • LVL Trial: Pre-Harvest Stand Assessment
    SWP-T042 - Access: unrestricted.
    February 2018
    Two trials located in Marlborough have been assessed as a potential source of peeler logs to carry out a peeler study. The trials are: E. bosistoana trial planted in 2003…
  • Pest management for durable eucalypts
    SWP-T029 - Access: unrestricted.
    June 2017
    One of the more unexpected and important results from the phenology study summarised here, was that only one generation of P. charybdis was observed in each of the two years monitored. This…
  • Heartwood in Eucalyptus bosistoana (2010 plantings)
    SWP-T028 - Access: unrestricted.
    June 2017
    The objective of this work is to screen the 2010 E. bosistoana breeding population for heartwood quantity (diameter) and quality (extractive content) CONCLUSION Variation in heartwood diameter between the families was observed,…
  • Measuring Strain in Wet Eucalyptus Wood by NIR
    SWP-T026 - Access: unrestricted.
    June 2017
    These experiments investigated whether band shifts in the NIR caused by strain can be observed in fully water saturated eucalyptus wood samples. Air-dry samples with minor changes in moisture content…
  • Improving Heartwood of Durable Eucalypts - Manuscript
    SWP-T024 - Access: unrestricted.
    June 2017
    The New Zealand Drylands Forests Initiative (NZDFI) aims to establish a new hardwood forest industry based on naturally durable eucalypts. As key a product NZDFI has identified sustainably-grown naturally durable…
  • Early Heartwood Screening by Wounding
    SWP-T024 - Access: unrestricted.
    June 2017
    Trees can be screened at age (1-2 years) for wood properties such as growth stress, collapse, density or stiffness (Chauhan and Entwistle, 2010; Chauhan et al., 2013). Early selection reduces…
  • 100 years of the Eucalyptus Tortoise Beetle in New Zealand
    SWP-T023 - Access: unrestricted.
    June 2017
    The Eucalyptus tortoise beetle, Paropsis charybdis, has been one of the most successful insect pests to invade New Zealand. One hundred years have now passed, and yet this pest continues to cause…
  • Review of eucalypt wood processing issues
    SWP-T016 - Access: unrestricted.
    August 2016
    The vast majority of eucalypt plantations worldwide (at least 20 million ha) have been established as fast-growing exotic biomass forests for pulpwood and energy in tropical and sub-tropical environments and…
  • Heartwood formation in young Eucalyptus bosistoana
    SWP-T012 - Access: unrestricted.
    August 2016
    Little is known about heartwood formation in young trees and published literature reports are based on heartwood of old trees. However, in the context of fast-growing short-rotation durable eucalyptus plantations,…
  • Screening Eucalyptus bosistoana for Heartwood
    SWP-T009 - Access: unrestricted.
    August 2016
    Some eucalypts produce timber of highest natural durability and rich colour. Only the heartwood of trees can have these properties. However, the amount and quality of heartwood in trees is…
  • Literature Review: Measuring Growth-strain by IR-spectroscopy
    SWP-T002 - Access: unrestricted.
    July 2016
    Growth-stresses cause problems in wood processing. Current measurement methods of growth stresses are labour-intensive and destructive. Research has shown that changes in stress levels, moisture content and temperature induce molecular deformations in wood,…


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