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Potential for Growing and Processing Durable Eucalypts in New Zealand

By Barry Poole, Gary Waugh & Jun Li Yang, July 2017.

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Executive summary

In NZ there is considerable commercial interest in finding alternative forest species to radiata pine which (1) are naturally durable and do not require chemical preservative treatment for either in ground or out of ground use and (2) provide higher stiffness wood/veneer. Eucalypt species are an obvious choice.

In this report a number of naturally durable eucalypt species were reviewed by authors on both sides of the Tasman, as to their suitability for growing and processing in NZ. Because there have been very little plantings of these species until recently in New Zealand, most of the processing evidence is from Australian experience. Information arising from past and on going research was examined. In NZ the available information was assembled by Barry Poole and in Australia by Gary Waugh and Jun Li Yang.


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