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Heartwood in Eucalyptus bosistoana (2010 plantings)

By Monika Sharma and Clemens Altaner, May 2018.

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Executive summary

The measurement of natural durability is resource intensive (Harju and Venäläinen, 2006; Li and Altaner, 2016b). High resource demands prevent this trait from being included in breeding programmes. However, the heartwood extractives are a main factor providing natural durability (Hawley et al., 1924). Extractive content is highly variable within E. bosistoana, varying at least 10- fold between trees (Sharma et al., 2014; Van Lierde, 2013). Because the extractive content can now be efficiently measured, NZDFI is selecting genotypes with high extractives content to increase the quality of ground-durable timber in the future deployment population.

The objective of this work is to screen the 2010 E. bosistoana breeding population planted at Avery for heartwood quantity (diameter) and quality (extractive content).


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