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Assessing the Bending and Density Properties of six Eucalypt Species

By Doug Gaunt, Dean Satchell, John Moore, June 2019.

Download SWP-T080 (pdf)

Executive summary

Small clear bending strength samples were cut from the following 16 year old trees that had already been felled for an earlier SWP durability study.

  • E. bosistoana
  • E. quadrangulata
  • E. pilularis
  • E. sphaerocarpa
  • E. globoidea
  • E. muelleriana

331 small clears were prepared and then tested for bending stiffness/strength and measured for density.

Comparing the six species as 16 year old trees against New Zealand grown radiata pine small clear values showed that:

  • E. bosistoana, E. quadrangulata, E. pilularis and E. sphaerocarpa all had higher small clear bending strength and stiffness properties than the highest density radiata pine;
  • Stiffness and bending strength of young Northland E. globoidea & E. muelleriana is comparable to radiata pine with a nominal density of around 550kg/m3.


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