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Literature Review: Measuring Growth-strain by IR-spectroscopy

By Fei Guo, Clemens Altaner, July 2016.

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Executive summary

Growth-stresses cause problems in wood processing. Current measurement methods of growth stresses are labour-intensive and destructive. Research has shown that changes in stress levels, moisture content and temperature induce molecular deformations in wood, especially cellulose. It has also been shown that strain in cellulose can be measured by IR spectroscopy.

Near infrared (NIR) contains information of overtones and combinations, while Raman and mid-range spectroscopy measures fundamental vibrations. Changes of hydrogen bonds are observable in the far-infrared region. It needs to be proven that molecular strain can be measured accurately enough in solid wood. Candidate IR technologies are Raman and NIR spectroscopy as they allow sampling of solids wood with portable devices.


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