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Extending durable eucalypt species research by establishing new demonstration trials in 2018

By Paul Millen and Ruth McConnochie, December 2018.

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Executive summary

While the NZDFI genetic improvement programme is concentrating efforts and resources on a few promising candidates, these and a broader list of species of interest are being evaluated in demonstration species and management trials. These were established from 2010 - 2014 to test broad-based seedlots of each species.

These trials are strategically located in different sites with varying environmental conditions and are predominantly spread across North Island East Coast regions as well as Marlborough and north Canterbury. They are now providing data to assess species health, adaptability and performance across a matrix of sites with a variety of management.

SWP investors and new farm foresters wanted to establish new demonstration trials of durable eucalypts. NZDFI has worked with those interested to extend our regional demonstration trial network into regions beyond where the existing 30 trial sites are located.

This report records the establishment of eight new demonstration trials including the sites, the species/seedlots deployed and the trial design. The regions where these trials were established include Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, Hawkes Bay, Horizons and Marlborough.

The new sites selected were established so as to extend the range of regions where NZDFI species are being evaluated and to demonstrate to the participating landowners the direct benefits of matching eucalypt species to sites and how to achieve successful eucalypt establishment for optimal survival and early growth.

Once trees have grown to sufficient size PSPs can be installed in the species blocks to provide ongoing species productivity data.


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