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Heartwood in Eucalyptus bosistoana (2010 plantings)

By Yanjie Li and Clemens Altaner, June 2017.

Download SWP-T028 (pdf)

Executive summary

The objective of this work is to screen the 2010 E. bosistoana breeding population for heartwood quantity (diameter) and quality (extractive content)


  • Variation in heartwood diameter between the families was observed, opening the possibility to improve heartwood diameter in E. bosistoana by selection of superior genotypes.
  • The data is comparable to that obtained from the 2009 E. bosistoana breeding populations (Li and Altaner, 2016b).
  • The data has been deposited in NZDFI’s database and is now available for future analysis.
  • The data will be used to select the 1st generation of improved E. bosistoana.
  • Preliminary analysis indicated genetic x environment interaction.

At the time of writing this report collecting of NIR spectra from the cores obtained from Craven Road was on-going. This work will be completed shortly.


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