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  • Report: Trees for steep slopes - Cypress
    Dean Satchell, July 2018 (Access: unrestricted)
    In this page: Stand management and siting Individual species requirements and management Milling and Marketing Macrocarpa and cypress have been planted for shelter, shade and aesthetic values for well over 100…

Cypress Development Group reports

  • Arilosa cypress at Hanmer
    September 2022 (Access: unrestricted)
    *DRAFT* TREE LOG   LED   SED   HEART LED   HEART SED   LENGTH                         1 A  …
  • Kaingaroa Cpt 246/5 and Cpt 179 cypress trials, November 2021
    Dean Satchell, Vaughan Kearns and Toby Stovold, March 2022 (Access: Cypress Development Group)
    Cpt 246/5 Cypress clonal trials We measured these the same day as the Cpt 179 cypress. All Cpt 246/5 cypress clones were planted the same year (2010?). 1. Scion nootka hybrid trials…
  • Cypress hybrid selections 2021
    Dean Satchell, October 2021 (Access: unrestricted)
    This report summarises observations from several trials (Taumarunui, Pipiwai, Kaingaroa Cpt 320, Cpt 1002, Tarawera Cpt 30, Silverwood and Balclutha). Nootka hybrid selections Macrocarpa x Nootkatensis hybrid selections: NM 308…
  • Progress with cypress clones project
    August 2021 (Access: Cypress Development Group)
    Report for Te Uru Rākau, August 2021 Cypress Development Group of the NZ Farm Forestry Association Background Cypress species are well known in the rural landscape throughout New Zealand, planted…
  • 2017 Clonal cypress trial, Silverwood, Central Canterbury
    Dean Satchell and Vaughan Kearns, August 2021 (Access: Cypress Development Group)
    Planted September 2017 (Assessment 12/5/2021). This trial is two separate trials, both randomised single tree plot design (10 replicates in trial 1 and 9 replicates in trial 2), and is a…
  • 2017 Clonal cypress trial, Tarawera Compartment 30
    Dean Satchell, Toby Stovold and Vaughan Kearns, June 2021 (Access: Cypress Development Group)
    This Scion clonal hybrid cypress trial was planted in July 2017 in radiata pine cutover, so was 3 2/3 years old at the time measurements were taken during March 2021.…
  • 2017 Clonal cypress trial, Compartment 1002, Kaingaroa BOP
    Dean Satchell, Toby Stovold and Vaughan Kearns, June 2021 (Access: Cypress Development Group)
    This Scion clonal hybrid cypress trial was planted in July 2017 in radiata pine cutover, so was 3 2/3 years old at the time measurements were taken during March 2021.  Location…
  • 2017 Clonal cypress trial at Cullen's Balclutha
    Neil Cullen, March 2021 (Access: Cypress Development Group)
    This trial is in South Otago at Neil and Pam Cullen's farm. Quote from Neil: "There is quite a bit of variation in the block not surprisingly and even at 3 years…
  • Report on Scion cypress trial, Pipiwai Northland
    Dean Satchell, Vaughan Kearns and Toby Stovold, February 2021 (Access: Cypress Development Group)
    This Scion clonal hybrid cypress trial was planted in July 2017 in radiata pine cutover, so was 3 1/2 years old at the time measurements were taken during January 2021.  Using controlled…
  • Hybrid cypress clone assessment, August 2020
    Dean Satchell, August 2020 (Access: Friends of cypress,Cypress Development Group)
    Thanks to Toby Stovold from Scion and John Moore from Kaingaroa Timberlands, who kindly assisted with this research, took us to the sites, and provided maps of the plantings. Vaughan…
  • Status of cypress trials at Don Tantrums, Taihape, March 2020
    Dean Satchell, March 2020 (Access: unrestricted)
    Don Tantrum planted and mapped several cypress trials on a range of sites on his farm near Taihape from 1990 to 2000, beavering promising material from around New Zealand and…
  • Hybrid cypress trials Paparoa road, Taumarunui December 2019
    Charlie Low and Vaughan Kearns, December 2019 (Access: Cypress Development Group)
    NZFFA Visit to FR532/3, 2014 cypress hybrid blocks, Paparoa road, Taumarunui. A single 81-tree block of each of 30 Scion cypress hybrid clones of which 12 were released to tree…
  • Vaughan Kearns cypress research trials, Raetihi
    Dean Satchell, May 2019 (Access: Cypress Development Group)
    This report documents some clonal selections made at Vaughan Kearns cypress plantation near Raetihi. These photos, selections and measurements were made in May 2019. The trees were planted winter 2014. dkh…
  • Small diameter unpruned cypress sawmilling research 2019
    Dean Satchell, April 2019 (Access: unrestricted)
    Specialty Wood Products partnership cypress sawmilling research - methods, background and objectives for unpruned small diameter cypress sawmilling study conducted in 2019. 6 Ovensii and 8 GH5 twenty-year old unpruned…
  • Angus Gordon's Cypress trial at Taihape
    Angus Gordon and Dean Satchell, December 2017 (Access: unrestricted)
    "This trial was set up to experiment with a range of species and provenances to test performance for the site characteristics that exist here, with the range of genetic material…
  • Strategic Planning Workshop on Cypress Development 27th October 2017
    Patrick Milne, November 2017 (Access: Cypress Development Group)
    The growing, management and use of cypresses and their wood is well supported by the NZ Farm Forestry Association and its Cypress Action Group (CAG) on behalf of the small…
  • Towards Commercialising Cypress as a High-Value Plantation Forest Species
    Dean Satchell, March 2017 (Access: unrestricted)
    Clonal cypress trials were established by the Forest Research Institute (now Scion) between 1994 and 1998 across a range of different regions and locations in New Zealand. Clonal cypress forestry…
  • Macrocarpa- Faulkner's strain, Gisborne
    Rodney Faulkner, May 2014 (Access: unrestricted)
    In  1905 My grandfather A.J. Faulkner took up land south of Gisborne. There was little in the way of native bush on these hills and he could see that there…
  • Sawmilling of Himalayan cypress (Cupressus cashmeriana) in Northland
    Dean Satchell, September 2010 (Access: unrestricted)
    I am not aware of any work on wood properties or sawmilling of this species in New Zealand. This despite reasonable quantities of C. torulosa timber coming into Canterbury with…
  • A compilation of major knowledge gaps for cypresses (2008)
    July 2008 (Access: unrestricted)
    This is list has been drawn from multiple sources, it needs to be prioritised and rigorously pruned down with industry input. Seed source, breeding and propagation Siting and establishment Health Forest…
  • Report: Why should industry invest in cypresses? A contract prepared for the Cypress Development Group with the assistance of FIDA
    Jacqui Aimers, January 2008 (Access: unrestricted)
    The aim of this report is to give industry a status report on cypress forestry, including current knowledge and knowledge gaps, and present a business case for investment in cypress…

Specialty Wood Products partnership reports

  • New Zealand Cypress Strategy 2021 – 2041
    SWP-T138 - Access: unrestricted.
    December 2021
    This strategy presents the business case for developing a cypress forest industry, in particular the required market development for cypress timber and growing a plantation industry that is of a…
  • Cupressus x ovensii Bending Strength and Stiffness
    SWP-T129- - Access: unrestricted.
    July 2021
    In terms of bending stiffness, the C. ovensii achieved the SG6 structural grade, in terms of bending strength, the C. ovensii achieved the SG10 structural grade resulting in an overall grade of SG6. To…
  • Grade recoveries from sawing 22-year-old unpruned cypress clones
    SWP-T116 - Access: unrestricted.
    February 2021
    A Scion clonal cypress trial established in 1997 provided the opportunity to determine the grade recoveries of sawn timber from two cypress clones; GH5 (Cupressus lusitanica) and Ovensii (Cupressus lusitanica…
  • NZ Cypress Forestry Strategy - Stage One 2019-2020
    SWP-T099 - Access: unrestricted.
    November 2020
    Interim report – industry consultation; forest resource analysis; draft strategy development Outcomes of consultation with corporate growers and the harvesting and marketing and consultancy sectors
  • Dimensional Stability of Specialty Species (final report)
    SWP-T090 - Access: unrestricted.
    December 2019
    Changes in the moisture content of wood changes its dimensions. The magnitude of these changes (dimensional stability) can have a large impact on how the wood performs in service. Poor…
  • Non-destructive detection of the heartwood-sapwood barrier
    SWP-T088 - Access: NZFFA membership. This SWP report shall at all times be kept confidential and not directly or indirectly be made available to anyone who is not an SWP member.
    September 2019
    This study examined the feasibility of using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging to identify the heartwood-sapwood barrier in trees (Eucalyptus globoidea, Eucalyptus bosistoana and Cupressus ovensii). The dielectric properties measured of…
  • Dimensional Stability of Specialty Species (interim report)
    SWP-T074 - Access: unrestricted.
    May 2019
    Dimensional changes caused by changes in wood moisture content (dimensional stability) can have a large impact on how the wood performs in service. Poor dimensional stability can lead to cracking,…
  • LVL Stiffness Calculator User Guide
    SWP-T059 - Access: unrestricted.
    June 2018
    This software is only intended to be used as a decision tool that enables questions to be asked about the potential suitability of a wood resource being able to supply a range of LVL grades.…

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