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Cypress hybrid selections 2021

By Dean Satchell, October 2021.

This report summarises observations from several trials (Taumarunui, Pipiwai, Kaingaroa Cpt 320, Cpt 1002, Tarawera Cpt 30, Silverwood and Balclutha).

Nootka hybrid selections

Macrocarpa x Nootkatensis hybrid selections:

NM 308 Guptill

A very healthy clone across all sites. 

Although this clone produces large, heavy branches and is very branchy, very few if any double leaders and ramicorns are produced. Form is very straight and apical dominance is good. 

Growth rate is good to excellent and no toppling was observed.

NM 310 Taylor

A very healthy clone across all sites. 

Heavily branched and branchy, sometimes to the point of losing good apical dominance

Growth rate is good to excellent but variable, with the biggest trees bigger than the biggest Guptill.

Requiring more trials:

NM 315 Santner

Assessed as reasonable to good accross the sites. Nothing really bad observed, the clone is healthy, with okay growth.

Branchy and heavy branching, subject to ramicorns. However, noted for light branching at Balclutha. Straight stem, with some double leaders.

NM 383

Only the ortet was available for assessment (Cpt. 320 Kaingaroa). A nice tree, straight and not heavily branched.

NM 384

Steep-angled and heavy branching, highly variable but sometimes very good growth rate, healthy. Broken leaders observed. Slightly sinuous.

NM 385

Not particularly vigorous at Taumarunui but looking good at Silverwood. Possible canker at Balclutha but needs confirming (healthy elsewhere). Branchy and with ramicorns but nice form and dense foliage.


NM 307 Williamson

A very healthy clone across all sites, except that canker was observed in one tree at Silverwood. This may require verification that the clone at silverwood was really Williamson before rejecting this clone outright. Suffers from ramicorns and is branchy. Straight form with few (but occasional) double leaders. Growth rate is good.

NM 313

Bushy, weak and short, not acceptable at any site.

NM 314

Very poor clone, short and bushy. Good for hedging?

NM 325

Bad canker at Pipiwai and Kaingaroa Cpt. 1002.

NM 326 Sodhi

Canker was observed in this clone at Silverwood and Taumarunui. Sinuous. Bad needlecast at Silverwood.

NM 361

Very poor clone, small or toppled. Tends to be sinuous and multi-leadered with ramicorns.

NM 364 de Grandhomme

Canker at Taumarunui and Silverwood. Stem breakages and double leaders.

NM 365

Badly serpentine, subject to quite bad needlecast. Branchy and with ramicorns. Described as ugly.

Lusitanica x Nootkatensis hybrid selections:


Noted for some heavy branching and ramicorns. The control.

NL 386 Henry

Has heavy branching down low. Few if any double leaders or ramicorns.

Requiring more trials:

NL 317

Bad needlecast at Pipiwai, some needlecast at Kaingaroa Cpt. 1002. Okay height growth but tends to be too thin.

NL 341

Has a "rimu" appearance with drooping foliage. Tall, but narrow and thin with no ramicorns and fine branching. Somewhat sinuous and with some double leaders.

NL 347 Stead

Light branching, few if any ramicorns, not as vigorous as Ovensii control. Some double leaders but only from bottom of tree. Healthy.

NL 350 Neesham

Straight form, ramicorns and heavy branching down low, poss some double leaders. Good pruning tree. Very healthy, strong grower but somewhat variable growth. Promising in a wide range of sites. Needs measuring at Taumarunui.

NL 356 Ferguson

Straight stem, good height growth. Few or no double leaders, but some ramicorns. Possibly prone to toppling.

NL 357

Good diameter growth, good height growth, flat branching. Some ramicorns and fairly branchy. Twist in the stem.

NL 389 Nicholls

Can produce very good diameter growth. Very branchy with heavy branches, a "prunable" tree. Subject to ramicorns. Needle cast in the shade. Subject to multi-leaders at Balclutha.

NL 404 Blundell

Light branching and with good height growth and straight stem. Ramicorns and heavy branching down low, but not lots of them and few if any double leaders. Interesting "dimpled" bark. Some needlecast. Needs to be measured at Taumarunui.


NL 318

Bad needlecast, tends to be sinuous and with ramicorns.

NL 321 Southee

Subject to double leaders. Noted for sinuosity, heavy branching and bad ramicorns.

NL 323 Munro

Steeper branching, very heavy branches and lots of ramicorns. Volume producer but twist in the stem. Can be sinuous. Bad canker in one tree at Silverwood.

NL 329 Latham

Short and bushy with bad ramicorns. Surprisingly, okay at Balclutha.


Macrocarpa, lusitanica, arizonica and guadalupensis crosses

Clones for further trials:

Macrocarpa x Lusitanica

609, 612, 614, 615, 619, 621 and in particular 622

Lusitanica x Guadalupensiss

LG 514, 540, 592

Macrocarpa x (Lusitanica x Guadalupensis)

LGM 548, 549, 551, 552, 553, 554, 555

Macrocarpa x Arizonica

MA 567, 568, 569, 570, 571, 573, 574, 575, 576, 577, 578

Macrocarpa x guadalupensis

MG 605


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