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Angus Gordon's Cypress trial at Taihape

By Angus Gordon and Dean Satchell, December 2017.

"This trial was set up to experiment with a range of species and provenances to test performance for the site characteristics that exist here, with the range of genetic material that was available in 2006. This trial could be used as a decision tool for larger scale afforestation on this property and others with similar site characteristics."

Site characteristics and trial layout

500 m asl, rainfall 850 mm pa, soil Waiaruhe silt loam LUC 7 E 13
Trial layout starting at top (Northern) fenceline, 3 x 3 centres
All main species (25 trees) are double rows across the gully comparing a sunny vs shady aspect.

This video looks at the following clones and seedlines at December 2016:

  • Rotoehu 2/20 (Martin Bannister selection): Cutting grown, great form, light branching
  • Strathallen macrocarpa seedlings: Disaster! 1 tree without canker... don't go there
  • Rangitoto #3 (Denis Hocking selection): Good frorm, light branching, canker free
  • Gwava's lusitanica: Okay form, higher dbh, moderate-heavy branch size
  • Ovensii: Generally straight, heavy lower branches


"These trees have been allowed to express their genetic habits, both good and bad... First pruning age 9.5."

2 posts.

Post from Vaughan Kearns on May 31, 2019 at 7:27AM

Hello All

it would be nice to see some measurement numbers now.

The first number being the total survivors against the total originally planted.

The second number being the true DBH averaged across the whole clone either including or excluding the edge trees ( this could be noted).

So Angus , put down the paper or horse woman , go get your notepad and tape measure and start recording how these clones are progressing.

Post from Vaughan Kearns on September 2, 2022 at 8:28PM

Well , I have plenty of patience. But really, it's August 2022, Covid has come and gone, but we are still waiting for Angus to go back to measure and reassess this trial . 

If it was a legal trial, it would have been thrown out due to lack of evidence.




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