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 Farm-Totara Showcase

Coloured-grade farm-totara sarking over macrocarpa rafters

Photo courtesy of John Guy.
Vanity in coloured/sapwood totara

by Natural Timber Creations, Kerikeri.
Totara bed-set

by Dundee Interiors, Kerikeri.
Coloured-feature grade totara floor

by Alan Goodhew.
Cabinet from coloured totara

Courtesy Natural Timber Creations, Kerikeri.
Totara chair by Kit Warr

Courtesy Tui Street Gallery, Ahipara.
Coloured-grade of farm-totara timber with an oil finish used for exterior joinery.

Photos: Paul Quinlan
A totara ceiling by Owen Moselen and a floor made out of coloured-grade totara by Alan Goodhew.

Photos: Paul Quinlan
135mm wide totara floor boards from feature-grade coloured and sapwood totara by Hamish Cathcart

Photos: Paul Quinlan
Kitchens made by Natural Timber Creations out of coloured and sapwood grade farm-totara timber.

Photos courtesy Natural Timber Creations, Kerikeri
Farm-totara bathroom vanity and table tops glued by Roger Browning.

Photos: Paul Quinlan
Mark Astill finds totara sapwood bends and laminates well. It has also been used in boat-building for interior joinery.

Photos: Paul Quinlan
Bathroom unit from farm-totara and tall-boy drawers out of feature-grade farm-totara by Roger Browning.

Photos: Paul Quinlan
Farm-totara table and chairs by Roger Browning.

Photo: Paul Quinlan
Heart totara carvings by Paul Marshall, at Piri kit e Paatu marae (left) and Te Whare Marino at Kaitaia Primary school (right). Finished with acrylic paint.

Photos: Paul Quinlan
The Totara Float, designed by David Trubridge for Design Moebel - presumably out of clear totara heartwood (left). A detail of a chair by Kit Warr, courtesy of Steve Crouch at the Tui Street Gallery, Ahipara (right).

Photos: Paul Quinlan
A totara side table by Richard Davies-Colley and a totara bowl made by Mark Astill.

Photos: Paul Quinlan
Farm-totara table and kitchen bench by Natural Timber Creations

Photo: Paul Marley


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