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 NZS 3631 New Zealand Timber Grading Rules

NZS 3631:1988 The New Zealand timber grading rules provide a range of appearance and structural visual grades. This standard is available from Standards New Zealand but is long overdue for a revision.

Timber grades are grouped into native softwoods, hardwoods and exotic softwoods.

Here at Farm Forestry Timbers we believe the grades provided in NZS 3631 are mostly out of date and so we have produced our own contemporary grade rules to define feature and defect appropriate for todays market. Our grades apply to the end-use for the timber.

It should be kept in mind that is not the function of the NZS 3631 to detail the purposes for which a particular grade may be used, but only to visually assign timber into quality classes. Limitations on defects therefore define quality. Unfortunately, what is classed as defect in one application may be desirable feature in another and such rules can become excessively restrictive.


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