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 Sawing softwoods with a Woodmizer

The Woodmizer is a portable horizontal bandsaw mill. Because it has a very narrow saw kerf very little wood is wasted in cutting the log. It produces good sawn recoveries and can produce lumber of any size or width, including bark-to-bark slabs. The following sequence shows a standard approach to sawmilling softwoods with a woodmizer bandsaw mill.

The first cut is made which produces a roundback which is removed. This roundback will be reintroduced to the bench later for slabbing and edging.

The log is then rotated 90° and a cut is made to produce a face.

More cuts are made (in this case at 25 mm intervals) to produce boards with only one edge sawn.

These boards are removed from the saw and stacked in a way so they can be reintroduced to the saw later.

The log is rotated a further 90º.

More boards are cut which only have one edge and these cuts are referenced from the bottom. Boards continue to be cut until the cut is at the predetermined distance from the bottom. The boards are removed.

The cant is then rotated 90°

Dimensioned boards are then cut.


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