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 Home-Brew Solution of Borates

Home-Brew Water Solution of Borates

Based on U.S. Navy spec. of 60% borax-- 40% boric acid (this ratio gives the maximum solubility of borates in water); 65% water, 20 %borax, 15% boric acid; 15.8% borates. To make this solution mix the required quantities and heat until dissolved. The boric acid, in particular, dissolves slowly. This solution is stable (no crystals) overnight in a refrigerator (4.4°C.), so can be used at temperatures at least as low as 4.4°C.

Home-Brew Glycol Solution of Borates

50% glycol antifreeze, 28% borax, 22% boric acid. To make a stable solution you mix the ingredients and heat till boiling gently. Boil off water until a candy thermometer shows 127°C. (This removes most of the water of crystallization in the borax.) This solution is stable at 4.4°C and has a borate content of 26%.

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