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New Zealand Tree Grower, November 2018

  • President's comment
    Neil Cullen
    In September I had the pleasure of attending the Timber Design Awards in Auckland. This event, organised by the Wood Processors and Manufacturers Association, is a great showcase for the…
  • Testing the strength of Douglas-fir cross-laminated timber
    Minghao Li and Harriet Palmer
    Douglas fir is New Zealand’s second most popular plantation species with a total current planted area of around 104,000 hectares. Renowned as a structural timber, Douglas fir has been generally overlooked…
  • Trichoderma research shows great promise
    Helen Whelan and Harriet Palmer
    Trichoderma are naturally occurring fungi which attach to and enter plant roots. Some Trichoderma can improve tree growth rates and disease resistance in nurseries and the forest, and have the…
  • The Small and Medium Enterprise Committee
    Neil Cullen
    This article is about one of the joint committees funded by the forest grower’s levy. The article is part of the series in the Tree Grower outlining some of the…
  • Live radiata pine stem needles must be removed at pruning
    Wink Sutton
    On a recent Bay of Plenty field day, questions were asked about the need to remove live stem needles at the time of pruning. If live stem needles are not…


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