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New Zealand Tree Grower - November 2018


QE II National Trust Covenants – The what, the why, and the how
Jesse Bythell

One billion trees − multiple opportunities
Michelle Harnett and Tim Payn

Does plantation forestry still belong on highly erodible hill country
Eric Cairns

Marine insurance – is it time that we all talk like a pirate
Jo McIntosh

Fire prevention for woodlot owners
Rob Goldring

2018 Nelson conference field days

Golden Downs forest Douglas-fir trial

Otira – award winning property

Testing the strength of Douglas-fir cross-laminated timber
Harriet Palmer and Minghao Li

Trichoderma research shows great promise
Helen Whelan and Harriet Palmer

Fast Forward – NZFFA conference 2019 Rotorua
Graham West

Spiritual value of trees
Lynne Wallace

The Small and Medium Enterprise Committee
Neil Cullen

Leith Knowles and the radiata calculator
Piers McLaren

We are almost there for a truly functioning ETS
Stuart Orme

A pleasing turn-round – the market sound and stable
Allan Laurie

The true meaning of life
John Mortimer

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