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New Zealand Tree Grower, November 2009

  • Redwoods – what have we been waiting for?
    Peter Clinton, Chris Phillips and Russell Coker
    You may have heard it before − coast redwoods would be great to plant on the eroding soils of New Zealand. This is supported by ability of the species to…
  • Coast redwood the ideal carbon crop
    Clayton Wallwork and Simon Rapley
    It is now time to include carbon as an integral part of the forestry equation. We he have had announcements confirming the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and a significant sale…
  • Managing carbon trading risk using redwood
    Paul Silcock
    Plantation grown coast redwood is a species eminently suitable for long term carbon sequestration. Other articles in this issue of Tree Grower describe the attributes that make this tree a…
  • Farmsafe chainsaw training
    Ket Bradshaw
    The Farmsafe training course on chainsaw safety is a comprehensive introduction to using chainsaws. It covers safety, including safety gear and first aid as well as the landowner’s legal obligations…
  • Southland redwood timber for the Californian market
    Mark Dean and Simon Rapley
    The New Zealand Redwood Company managers have been telling anyone who will listen that coast redwood is a fast growing and valuable softwood. With the exception of Ernslaw One Ltd,…
  • A tree planter’s dreams and visions - Jolendale Park
    Jolyon Manning
    It is now approaching 50 years since my wife Enny Manning and I first began our experimental dryland tree planting as a research project − a six hectare block at…
  • Redwoods at Ashley Gorge
    Robert Johnston
    As is the case with so many things in life, the obvious is often right in front of you, but for a long while you do not see it. So…
  • A visit to Manutahi Forest
    Rodney Faulkner
    The small East Coast township of Ruatoria has faced many threats over the years. As a service centre for the surrounding farming community it has been affected by the fortunes…
  • What redwood growers should know about mycorrhizae
    Murray Davis
    Most plants form mycorrhizae. A mycorrhiza is an association between certain soil fungal species and plant roots. The plant gets to use the very large surface area and small diameter…
  • Careful investor chooses redwood?
    Dan Mineham
    While many in the New Zealand forest industry still ponder the merits of coast redwood, a forward thinking overseas investor has had no similar hesitation. He has established a 950…
  • Wensleydale Station: The epitome of “trees for all reasons”
    Vivienne McLean
    Nick and Pat Seymour’s Wensleydale Station lies in the Waiomoko catchment at Whangara, around 30 km north of Gisborne. The farms here were taken up in 1901 out of the…
  • Totara – a growing resource
    Dave Cown, David Bergin and Paul Quinlan
    Totara is widely distributed throughout New Zealand, from sea level to over 500 metres, on well drained flood plains and drought prone hills, and on clay to volcanic soils. Totara…
  • Rust disease of poplar and willow
    Ian McIvor and Siva Sivakumaran
    Rust fungi found on poplars and also on willows belong to the genus Melampsora. Rust caused by Melampsora is one of the most important leaf diseases of poplars. Internationally some…
  • Our timber, our house
    Ken Stephens
    It was with some trepidation that I agreed to relate our experiences of building a house of timber, most of which we had sourced on our property. However, if it…
  • A significant step for improved hardwood
    Paul Millen
    The New Zealand Dryland Forests Initiative has planted its first eucalypt breeding population. This is a significant step towards producing genetically improved, New Zealand grown hardwood. Representatives from the project…
  • Forestry and wood use are ignored or unfairly treated
    Wink Sutton
    On a per capita basis the world’s human population currently uses a greater weight of wood than the combined total weight of at least 10 of the most common plant…
  • Macrocarpa stories – more needed
    Allan Levett
    The Cypress Development Group decided at its AGM in Gisborne to carry out some joint research with Scion on macrocarpa. Macrocarpa produces a highly regarded timber in New Zealand and…


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