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New Zealand Tree Grower, May 2008

  • Trees combat erosion and protect stock (Access: unrestricted)
    Mike Halliday
    Continuing our series of articles profiling the farm forestry model in action. We present here a case study showing another practical example of how trees can be integrated into the…
  • Another example of the Farm Forestry Model: Glenmore (Access: unrestricted)
    Neil Cullen
    The decades of the 1970s and 1980s saw a great transition in landowners’ attitudes towards their farms. Development of the land from tussock, bush or wetland to pasture had been…
  • Japanese cedar comeback (Access: unrestricted)
    David Sampson
    Some years ago, Cedar Lodge Nurseries started growing Cryptomeria japonica Japanese cedar by cutting propagation. However it was not until early customers started coming back and reporting on the exceptional…
  • Growing poplars for timber in Northland (Access: unrestricted)
    Murray Hunter and Ian McIvor
    Internationally poplar is an important timber tree providing a range of end uses either as timber, chip or pulp. Good quality butts provide excellent rotary peeling for veneers and can…
  • Performance of coast redwood in New Zealand (Access: unrestricted)
    Rob Webster
    A new interim growth model that predicts basal area and mean top height has been developed for coast redwood plantations in New Zealand. The project was initiated by NZ Forestry…
  • Weeds in indigenous forests (Access: unrestricted)
    Melissa Brignall-Theyer, Sarah Richardson and Susan Wiser
    The most challenging weeds for managed indigenous forests are those that can disperse into harvested areas, prevent regeneration of native tree species or persist as potential competitors to adult native…
  • Mt Barker wilding Corsican pines (Access: unrestricted)
    John Purey-Cust
    Nick Ledgard and Gordon Baker’s wilding pine management joint venture on land owned by Canterbury University Wilding pines covering the hillside All from a shelter belt The wildings, predominantly Corsican…


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