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Acacia - Tree Grower articles

  • Milling blackwood in the Marlborough Sounds (Access: unrestricted)
    Paul Millen, February 2017
    My brother and I recently milled eight blackwood trees extracted from our Marlborough Sounds property. The sawmiller was Martin Douglass from Motuere, using a Woodmizer mobile sawmill. The trees were…
  • Blackwood – A Tasmanian perspective It could be good news for New Zealand (Access: unrestricted)
    Gordon Bradbury, November 2013
    Since writing about blackwood production in Tasmania for the Tree Grower back in August 2006 things have gone from bad to worse. The global financial crisis and two more forestry…
  • Collective marketing of Tasmanian blackwood? (Access: unrestricted)
    Wink Sutton, August 2013
    This year’s Farm Forestry AGM was held in the Lower North region. On one of the field day’s we visited Audrey Hay’s farm. While admiring a maturing stand of Tasmanian…
  • Award winning house has blackwood floor (Access: unrestricted)
    Ian Nicholas and Paul Millen, February 2012
    In November last year, a Marlborough Sounds house built by Glenroy Housing of Blenheim won the New Homes category $350,000 to $450,000 house of the year Registered Master Builders award.…
  • Collective blackwood marketing (Access: unrestricted)
    Malcolm Mackenzie, November 2013
    I am keen to respond to the excellent ‘From the Patron’ in the August Tree Grower and hopefully stimulate a wide-ranging discussion among fellow members. I agree with Wink Sutton…
  • Blackwood Milling (Access: unrestricted)
    Malcolm Mackenzie, November 2013
    I attempted to be a little more scientific when we did our third small milling of Tasmanian blackwood timber this year. I wanted to calculate the conversion of log volume…
  • Blackwoods and the nurse (Access: unrestricted)
    Ian Brown, August 2006
    Trees as people One of the risks in growing trees is a tendency to attribute human characteristics to them. This is the case when we employ the term nurse to…
  • Blackwood – the Westland experience (Access: unrestricted)
    Ross Jackson, August 2006
    Plantings of blackwood have been made in Westland since the mid 1960s. Initially they were undertaken as trial, enrichment or amenity plantings, much of which were carried out by FRI.…
  • Blackwood – An overview (Access: unrestricted)
    Ian Brown, August 2006
    I think it is fair to say that blackwood, Acacia melanoxylon, has had a mixed press among tree growers. Since it was promoted as a species worth special attention by…
  • Milling and grading New Zealand grown blackwood (Access: unrestricted)
    Mike Esson, August 2006
    Blackwood is a much sought after timber, especially by cabinet makers because of it rich dark colour and fine finish. Blackwood is a species that brings people to our yard…
  • Furniture from blackwood (Access: unrestricted)
    Graeme and Betty Benjamin, August 2006
    Customers visiting the Everwood Furniture showroom in Mount Maunganui love furniture made from blackwood timber according to Graeme Benjamin. Graeme and his wife Betty have owned Everwood Furniture for a…
  • Where blackwoods go wrong (Access: unrestricted)
    Ian Brown, February 2005
    The photograph at the bottom of the page is of a blackwood which we planted in 1980 in the Far North. At 24 years, its diameter is over 50 cm,…


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