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Regional strategies

Please note: Some of these reports are restricted access.

  • Forest Protection SSIF research on species other than radiata pine 2018/19
    SWP-T081 - Access: NZFFA membership. This SWP report shall at all times be kept confidential and not directly or indirectly be made available to anyone who is not an SWP member.
    June 2019
    Plantation species other than Pinus radiata (radiata pine), in particular Douglas-fir and eucalypts, form an important part of a diversified forest estate. Douglas-fir is planted over approx. 105,000 ha. and is the…
  • Alternative Species Site Mapping Review and Analysis
    SWP-T004 - Access: unrestricted.
    June 2016
    Background Commercial forestry in New Zealand is dominated by the site insensitive species Pinus radiata (radiata pine). The commercial planting of non-radiata pine (alternative) forestry species over the last century has…


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