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Developing the potential of New Zealand’s portable sawmilling and alternative timber sector - Report: Survey of small-scale sawmillers

By Paul Millen and Harriet Palmer, December 2020.

Download SWP-T106 (pdf)

Executive summary

This report provides the results from a survey of New Zealand’s small-scale sawmillers with the 75 survey responses received demonstrating significant interest and support. Given this feedback, a workshop is proposed for all involved to be held in the next few months with the aim of enabling a ‘Stop/Go point’ to be reached –, where ‘Go’ would signal that there is sufficient support and motivation from those working in the small-scale sawmilling sector to begin the process of establishing an industry association.


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Post from Dean Satchell on December 27, 2020 at 3:58pm

Fascinating that Paul Millen doesn't realise that there already is an industry Association - Farm Forestry Timbers Society - given he was on the committee before resigning in a huff because FFT wouldn't do what he wanted.

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