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Preliminary Decision Support System Stakeholder Analysis – towards the Scion SFF proposal for site-species matching

By Melissa Evans and Karen Bayne, June 2017.

Download SWP-T031 (pdf)

Executive summary

The purpose of this study was to conduct an end-user stakeholder analysis about the usage of Decision Support System (DSS) tools for alternative species decision making. The specific objectives were to identify from end-users what they require from a DSS tool, what they use today, how they rate those tools and what technologies they use to access information about alternative species.

The main finding from the interviews was that stakeholders outsource decision making services to consultants or call on internal knowledge. Most farm foresters will rely heavily on consultants, councils or their own knowledge and or conduct their own research via websites and tools. It was also discovered that commercial operations will host their DSS tools externally to enable them to leverage their hosting resource and allow remote access while in the field.

The conclusion from this study is that both commercial foresters and farm foresters used consultants for support and advice. All end users we spoke with used either a DSS tool of some kind or a paper based decision making framework. End-users requested any future tools developed should provide them with simplicity of use and outputs, at a scale relevant for their operations, preferably accessed via the web or from a mobile device, compatible with other business systems and technologies.


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