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New Zealand Tree Grower, May 2019

  • President's comment (Access: unrestricted)
    Neil Cullen
    The government has important decisions to make this year on how the country will meet its commitments for reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. It is getting advice on achieving carbon…
  • A new phase of science innovation (Access: unrestricted)
    Russell Dale and Harriet Palmer
    Contributing to a low-carbon future for New Zealand, boosting forest productivity and health, reducing environmental impacts and improving worker skills and safety, are all behind a new science innovation strategy…
  • Major Specialty Wood Products partners lead the way (Access: unrestricted)
    Harriet Palmer and Peter Berg
    The Specialty Wood Products Research Partnership is a government and industry partnership which aims to develop high-value markets for timber from alternative, or specialty, species. The partners include several major large-scale…
  • Good news for eucalypt growers - The approved release of Paropsis charybdis bio-control agent (Access: unrestricted)
    Toni Withers and Michelle Harnett
    The approval to release the parasitoid wasp Eadya daenerys to control eucalyptus tortoise beetle Paropsis charybdis by New Zealand’s Environmental Protection Authority is the culmination of work that started at Scion in the…
  • One Billion Trees - our forest future (Access: unrestricted)
    Julie Collins
    Last year, the government launched the One Billion Trees programme. In that time Te Uru Rakau – Forestry New Zealand was created to lead a strengthened focus on forestry. Since…
  • Small-scale harvest near Upper Hutt (Access: unrestricted)
    Eric Cairns
    As many of you will know, I have been experimenting and advocating for continuous cover forestry for many years. Recently I chaired the NZFFA group looking at the economics of…
  • Oaks - a new special interest group for the NZFFA? (Access: unrestricted)
    Kath Hurr
    Oaks have not featured on the radar in farm forestry circles since the demise of the Hardwood Investigation Group nearly 30 years ago. With the development of new hybrids selected…
  • Harvesting a forest of 22 to 23-year-old trees (Access: unrestricted)
    Graham Milligan
    Like all keen farm foresters, we have planted our share of trees over the years. This has included several blocks of forestry species dominated by radiata pine. Having harvested a…
  • Myth conceptions- Are planted forests really the Devil? (Access: unrestricted)
    Michelle Harnett
    …radiata pine is a foreign weed, spreads like herpes, makes rubbish timber and falls over after 50 years. A Stuff article on planting pines to make money from carbon farming…
  • Your obligations as a PCBU (Access: unrestricted)
    Jo McIntosh
    Are you aware of your obligations as a person conducting a business or undertaking – with the acronym PCBU − under the recent health and safety legislation? This is one…
  • Gripped by the nipple ring - Planning in the NZFFA (Access: unrestricted)
    Howard Moore
    You can compare the NZ Farm Forestry Association to many things, and one of them is someone having a mid-life crisis. They might think that now is the time to…
  • Successful target diameter harvesting field day (Access: unrestricted)
    Eric Cairns and Harriet Palmer
    On 20 February fifty people converged on Tinui Forest Park to hear more about the MPI Sustainable Farming Fund target diameter harvesting project. There was a good mix of representatives…
  • Target diameter harvesting – beyond the transition (Access: unrestricted)
    Howard Moore
    The short paper on target diameter harvesting in February’s Tree Grower was supplemented by the excellent field day at Tinui Forest Park in the Wairarapa, where around 45 people turned…
  • Southern North Island Wood Council finds the value in our youth (Access: unrestricted)
    Erica Kinder
    It has been an interesting year for the Southern North Island Wood Council. There has been a major change of direction and focus for our board, along with new government…


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