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New Zealand Tree Grower - May 2019


One Billion Trees – our forest future
Julie Collins

Small-scale harvest near Upper Hutt
Eric Cairns

Oaks – A new special interest group for the NZFFA?
Kath Hurr

Harvesting a forest of 22 to 23-year-old trees
Graham Milligan

Myth conceptions – Are planted forests really the Devil?
Michelle Harnett

Your obligations as a PCBU
Jo McIntosh

A new phase of science innovation
Russell Dale and Harriet Palmer

Gripped by the nipple ring – Planning in the NZFFA
Howard Moore

Major Specialty Wood Products partners lead the way
Harriet Palmer and Peter Berg

Good news for eucalypt growers – release of Paropsis charybdis
Toni Withers and Michelle Harnett

Export prices under downward pressure
Allan Laurie

Successful target diameter field day
Eric Cairns and Harriet Palmer

Target diameter harvesting – beyond the transition
Howard Moore

Southern North Island Wood Council finds the value in our youth
Erica Kinder


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