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New Zealand Tree Grower, May 2007

  • Excellent stewardship by the Garlands: Conference 2007 field day (Access: unrestricted)
    Harley Gray
    Bill and Sue Garland have been farming this property since 1968, although most of it has been in the family since 1946. The farming operation has 365 hectares of grazing…
  • Initial spacing in radiata pine (Access: unrestricted)
    Wink Sutton
    Recent silvicultural improvements, such as seed source – almost all seed now comes from seed orchards – nursery practice, tree handling, planting methods, weed control and the adoption of regimes…
  • The Riverhead factor – a practical view of wood density (Access: unrestricted)
    Ross Bawden
    I grew up in Riverhead – at that time a small country area on the outskirts of Auckland. It had several claims to fame including Riverhead spuds and the site…
  • Plantation silviculture at the crossroads (Access: unrestricted)
    Euan Mason
    What do you think of New Zealand? The classic question reputedly asked of so many visitors has provoked a variety of answers. John Lennon replied that after 10 minutes on…
  • Threats to radiata pine (Access: unrestricted)
    Dean Satchell
    Nectria flute canker remains confined to the lower half of the South Island At the recent forest health workshop in Rotorua, Ensis held a series of excellent presentations on radiata…
  • The potential for coast redwood in New Zealand (Access: unrestricted)
    Rob Webster
    Coast redwood is a native of northern California and a very small area of southern Oregon. It has been planted in localised areas in New Zealand on a number of…
  • Measuring radiata pine and forecasting yields (Access: unrestricted)
    Dave Crawley
    Measuring radiata pine and forecasting yields has become a highly specialised area and there is now an increasing array of software and tools required to stay on the top of…


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