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New Zealand Tree Grower, February 2017

  • Helping owners of small-scale forests know more about the forest growers' levy
    Glenn Tims and Bruce Bulloch
    In this page: Roadshows begin Portrait of  forest growers' levy information session The NZFFA receives some funding from the Forest Growers Levy Trust to communicate with all small- scale forest…
  • Levy funded research conference
    Julian Bateson
    In mid-October last year, the Forest Growers Research Conference was held in Napier. It was a two-day event with the first day devoted to talks and presentations and a field trip…
  • The Forest Industry Safety Council report
    Allan Laurie
    The work of the Forestry Industry Safety Council (FISC) continues to gain momentum under the Chairmanship of Dame Alison Paterson and the management of National Safety Director, Fiona Ewing. I…
  • Forests take little from the soil
    Wink Sutton
    Particularly since the conversion or trashing of second or third rotation radiata stands to make room for dairy farming, we no longer hear claims along the lines that stands of…
  • President's Comment
    Dean Satchell
    As can be expected, with the end of year period and holiday season, things have been slower and with fewer matters coming to my attention. My tour of duty is…


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