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New Zealand Tree Grower, August 2018

  • New radiata pine calculator
    Harriet Palmer
    Farm foresters can now test out different management options for existing or planned radiata pine plantations with a new on-line calculator – the Forecaster Radiata Pine Calculator. This is a…
  • New technology for targeted pest detection and control
    Tara Strand and Harriet Palmer
    Most small-scale forest owners spend a good deal of time keeping their fingers crossed that their trees will survive to harvest age. While crossing fingers is about all that can…
  • The levy on harvested wood after five years
    Geoff Thompson
    Forestry is in the spotlight now but for a long time was an industry taken for granted and largely banished from bureaucratic interest. During that time there was a grumbling…
  • Wood is as important as food
    Wink Sutton
    For over 60 years I have had to defend a common criticism of forestry that ‘forests including plantations are occupying land which should be used for food production’. It is…
  • President's Comment
    Neil Cullen
    The conference in Nelson was a successful and enjoyable event and we are grateful to the team there that put it all together. Minister Shane Jones in his speech exuded…


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