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Newsletter 94, September 2016

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   September 2016  No. 94
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2017 NZ Wood Resene Timber Design Awards Call for Stage One Entries!

Field Demonstration of Robotic Tree-to-Tree Machine

Forest Growers Research Conference and Field Trip 2016

Introduction to forest phenotyping platform


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2016 Forest Growers Research Awards, Nominations Open >>



For more information on these events, they are posted on the NZFFA website >>
Branch secretaries, please make sure you notify head office of any branch or action group events.

  • Gisborne /East Coast Branch field day, Wednesday 21st September. Brian Gibson is harvesting a block of pines on his property on the Whareratas.
  • Mid North branch field day, 24th September. The field day will be commencing 10:30 am at 580 Taraunui Road, to look at HARVESTING and mid rotation FERTILIZING.
  • Forest Growers Research Conference and Field Trip 2016. Conference Wednesday 12 October, field Trip Thursday, 13 October. East Pier, 50 Nelson Quay, Ahuriri, Napier
  • Australian Forest Growers National Conference 2016. Sunday 23 to Wednesday 26 October 2016, Launceston, Tasmania. See below.
  • Mid North branch field day: THE PEDERSON’S FIELD DAY – 29TH OCTOBER, 2016
    Husqvarna Farm Forester of the year 2016 - More details to come.



Biomass as energy
I have a strong interest in the biomass-as-energy-source sector of renewable energy generation and I see it as inevitable that this country’s incomprehensible barriers to uptake will shortly be torn down as the many benefits that could accrue are just too compelling to be denied much longer... more >>
Rik Deaton's Blog

NZFFA members can set up their own blogs on the NZFFA website. Email Dean.


Reports (Members Area)

Biosecurity Committee meeting August 2016

NZFFA executive minutes June 2016

Report on Land and Water Forum Plenary Session 16 August, 2016

2017 NZ Wood Resene Timber Design Awards Call for Stage One Entries!

The NZ Wood Resene Timber Design Awards are delighted to announce that 'Stage One Entries' are now open!

The NZ Farm Forestry Association is sponsoring the NZ SPECIALTY TIMBER AWARD: The use of specialty timber in a manner that best highlights its unique characteristics. This category is open to entries from across the spectrum of NZ grown timber usage from furniture to buildings, facilities to objets d’art.

Find out more >>

Field demonstration of Robotic Tree-to-Tree Machine

Christchurch, Tuesday 27th September 2016

You are invited to a field demonstration of the Robotic Tree-to-Tree Felling Machine that has been developed as part of the PGP Steep Land Harvesting Programme.

All visitors to the field demonstration will be transported to and from the forest site by the assigned bus. A bus will depart from the Novotel Hotel Cathedral Square, Christchurch at 8:45am and then pick up visitors from Ibis Hotel, Hereford Street, Christchurch and then onto Christchurch airport to pick up visitors from the incoming flights from Rotorua, Wellington and Dunedin at 9:30am.  The bus will return via Christchurch Airport at 2:00pm for flights departing after 2:30pm and then continue back into town stopping at the Ibis Hotel with the final stop being the Novotel Hotel.

Please bring Hi-viz vest, safety helmet and boots. Lunch will be provided. No registration fees.

RSVP close Wednesday, 21st September 2016. More details here >>

Forest Growers Research Conference and Field Trip 2016


  • Conference:  Wednesday 12 October 2016
  • Field Trip:  Thursday, 13 October 2016

Where: East Pier, 50 Nelson Quay, Ahuriri, Napier

We are now approaching the second anniversary of the Forest Grower Levy funded research programme. The programme aims to increase forest profitability, reduce risk and ensure the industry’s licence to operate is protected.

The second Forest Growers Research Conference will report back on the results from these research programmes and how these results can be applied by forest owners, large and small, to achieve these ends. 

Learn about the research programmes being funded by the levy, the results to date and how you as a forest grower can use these results to:

  • Achieve better financial returns from new and existing forests
  • Improve the health and resilience of your forests to pests and diseases
  • Maintain our industry ‘licence to operate’

Come along and benefit from this significant investment in the future of the forest growing industry by the Forest Growers Levy Trust.

Registrations Close Wednesday, 5th October 2016   

Conference Agenda and Registration - click here

Field Trip Agenda and Registration - click here

Research Awards Dinner is Wednesday evening

Learn more >>

Introduction to Forest Phenotyping Platform

Tuesday 11 October 2016
East Pier Hotel, 50 Nelson Quay, Napier

The development of the forest phenotyping platform is one of the core elements of the Growing Confidence in Forestry's Future programme and provides the information resource that forest managers, researchers and tree breeders can use to understand how the interaction of genetics, environment and management affect productivity and wood quality. Remote sensing research has enabled individual trees to be delineated from LiDAR images. This will be extended by including attributes about these individual trees, such as genetic origin, site characteristics and management history. With advances in sensor technology and computing power, very large numbers of trees can be assessed in order to better understand the drivers of productivity and wood quality. More >>


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