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Dutch elm disease, Auckland (Disease Management programme, 2008)

  • MAF Biosecurity New Zealand is no longer coordinating or contributing funding to the national Dutch Elm Disease control programme following a decision that national management of the disease is not a priority when compared to other organisms that threaten the health and lifestyle of New Zealanders, our environment and our cultural and economic wellbeing.
  • MAF Biosecurity New Zealand is now actively working to transfer the programme to Auckland City Council over an 18-month period, including agreed transition arrangements (e.g. MAF Biosecurity New Zealand maintenance of regulatory movement controls).  Auckland City Council staff are currently developing a long term position, however this has yet to be formally tested with and approved by their council.
  • MAF Biosecurity New Zealand has informed all Territorial Authorities of this decision and the new funding arrangements. MAF Biosecurity New Zealand is in the process of contacting each of the Territorial Authorities park managers to discuss what this means for them.
  • MAFBNZ has issued a public statement about changes to the Dutch Elm Disease programme. 

Fiona Bancroft, from MAF BNZ Report to Forest Biosecurity Consultative Committee, July 31 2008 


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